Don’t forget #11

After every lost match we ask you don’t forget where we come from.

Starting from Serie D we have been able to keep the smile away from Juventus face for one night. It cannot always be like that Saturday, but don’t let you down.

We are back. We are back for real.

This is a little part of us, international fans from all over, that joined us in Juventus stadium away fans area. So proud of that.

Buy a ticket, get a slice of cake: Boys 1977 charity lottery


Special evening in Curva Nord today before the match. Boys Parma 1977 will make a cake distribution in order to support they lottery.

This is the translation of their communication:

“Saturday night we are back in Tardini, our home, against Inter. It have to be a special night for all the Gialloblu fan base, because we don’t want to let the enthusiasm we brought back from Turin turn off and, with a fenomenal 3-3 at 93° minute served to Old Lady, we would like to continue riding this wave of optimism and fervor!

We would like to celebrate together with you, to all Curva Nord Matteo Bagnaresi fans. Us, the Boys 1977, decided to place a desk under the Curva where we will offer sweets and slices of cakes made by girls, mums, girlfriends of Group guys and we will have the chance to take our charity lottery on, friendly dumping a ticket on you in exchange of a wonderful slice of cake!

We remind you that the money collected by Boys 1977 lottery, a part for helping who in need (this year our charity objective will be Casa Azzurra in Corcagnano), we support expenses of the Group, like headquarter, choreographies, flags, etc… We would like you to remember the importance we give to this lottery, asking once again the help of you all, Glialloblu fans…  Come many on Saturday evening before the match, buy a ticket, celebrate together the 3-3 and we will also eat a slice of cake… hoping to leave the after-dessert bitter, after 90 minutes, to guest supporters!

We wait for you! Com’on Curva Nord Curva Bagnaresi!”

Travelling Parmigiani: Tim in Golazio, London

Tim is the founder of Golazio, a “Football Italia bar” in London serving pizza and Italian craft beers, well-know by every Calcio fanatic in UK

He is a Italian football lover and shown us that wonderful Gigi Buffon iconic worn kit in front of another iconic Parma jersey hang on the wall of his bar.

If you are in South London and looking for a place where to watch Parma vs Inter live – or some historical ’90 Calcio match – now you know where to go. With such memorabilia around you’ll feel surely like home.


59 Camberwell Road, London SE5 0EZ

tel +44 (0)7926054554


Instagram: @golaziolondon

Twitter: @GolazioLondon

Facebook: @GolazioLondon-1760328770728757


Forza Mirko



We just realized that Mirko, the Fighter, Marcello Gazzola and Roberto Inglese little friend, is the author of this wonderful piece of journalism published on Monday on Gazzetta di Parma and badly translated by us.

Nothing to add but, Forza Mirko, we are all with you.

“At 21st Serie A round, Juventus face Parma at home at 830 pm. First 15 minutes Parma plays well, attacking and pressing in rivals half. At 36° minute Juve go ahead with Cristiano Ronaldo. Teams go batch in locker rooms with 1-0 result.

Second half starts and Parma can’t find his way and Juve take advantage to double with Daniele Rugani at 62nd minute. After two minutes Antonino Barilla scores with a wonderful header. After two minutes more Ronaldo scores again and result is 3 -1.

At minute 74 Kucka pass to Gervinho that scores with a backheel. It seems all done when at 93rd minute Inglese pass again to Gervinho that shot, Perin hit the ball but the ball goes first hit the bar the enter: 3-3.

Boys exult together with the whole town and a scream rise from room n° 2… Mine!

From Oncology Division, Parma Children Hospital, it’s all.”

(thanks to Parma – Reggiana #maistatastoria for the help)


It burns and will burn for long time

Stadium empty.

Just us there, and that feeling, that after 72h is still burning.

And will burn, for long time.

Something special happened Saturday. Not just because Barilla scored against Juve, Gervinho scored in the Hernan Crespo way (like 20 years ago, and we were so lucky being there too) and equalized at minute 93 against a team that since this stadium exist took 3 goals only agains Inter in 2012 and Real Madrid in 2018, not just because last time there we lost 7 – 0 and after that we restarted from the 4th division.

It is an inexplicable feeling.

But it burns. It burns and will burn for long time.

Thank you Parma Calcio for this.


Beware when buying a ticket online



This is supposed to be not a necessary post since all of you should already know that online, for concert and football matches, there are tickets reseller that charge a lot tickets – we saw personally until 250% price rise – and that most of the time are not safe at all.

Regarding Parma Calcio tickets, as said on Parma Calcio website, the Club invite fans NOT TRUST ticket resellers that announce they can provide tickets or tickets reservation. Tickets are not for sale until at least 10 days before the match.

Secondary ticketing is the main reason why – unfortunately for abroad fans – for big matches tickets are usually not available online but just in local italian box offices.

In case you need for tickets, we suggest you to get in contact with your local Official Parma Fans Club or generic fan group – here the list – or directly with us – – in order to have the best support possible. For free. As it have to be, from fans to fans.

Tickets areas and pricelist here:


Parma Calcio on Spotify


This is a HUGE news.

Not related with ranking, players, transfers markets, merchandising, but in some way to our mission. We always said we aim to bring Parma abroad fans closer to Parma – helping  with tickets or travel suggestion if possible, bringing messages to players like Grazie Capitano song… – and Parma closer to abroad fans, is said town atmosphere, stadium feelings.

The Club made a great step in this way by joining Spotify where created an Official channel in order to let fans listen from their devices the same playlist played before the match in Tardini on the “Matchday Playlist”

Here the link: Parma Calcio Spotify Account

Not just this: fans will have the chance to suggest songs through Instagram stories on Parma Calcio instagram profile.

For away matches, will be ask to one different player every time to tell in a video what does he listen before the match an the related playlist will be available on Parma Calcio Spotify Channel.

Well done, Parma Calcio!



“Different stories, same passion”

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