Tardini back in 1960

A very unique document that we can show thanks to Rai Sport, of course, and to the friendship with Parma Museum Association, whose members discovered this document of a 1960/61 season match.

In that match Parma lost 0-1 against Mantova, so called Piccolo Brasile [the Small Brasil] because of their incredible rise from 4th division to Serie A in few year. The interesting part of the video is the stadium: quite unusual for an Italian football match to see the audience so close to the pitch. And surely these are unique images of Tardini like that.

Again, thanks to Rai Sport and to Paolo and all the Parma Museum association crew to allow us to publish this document.

Match worn shirts on charity auction

Live Onlus, a charity no profit organization that is mainly supported with the sale of match worn football items, just put on sale some very interesting Parma Calcio match worn or issued items thanks to the donations of some collectors.

You can check all Parma (and other teams) available items on the Ebay account: https://www.ebay.it/usr/onluslive

To check Live Onlus projects: www.ilovelive.it

This venture is linked with ForzaParma.it poll for the election of Parma ever best 11.

A gift that touched Parma Calcio

credit: http://www.parmacalcio1913.com

As we published yesterday in advance, a group of Chinese fans sent a pack with 2000 mask to Parma Calcio at Collecchio training center.

What we still didn’t tell is what was inside the pack [translated from this article on Official Parma website]: ”Many support messages under the same motto ‘Chinese fans are with you against Corona Virus’. Here some example of permanent memories for every fans that lives far away his football love: pictures that represents those chances in which they could get in contact with what they care. Someone taking a pic with D’Aversa, some other with some legend of the past, someone proudly wearing a scarf or a crusaders jersey. A great gesture that, we can assure you, moved everyone. Thansk Nevin, thanks Parma Fans from China

Double Giovanni in the air

Little by little, Parma is jumping into podcast/radio landscape. After the milestone Mani Djazmi “World Football” dedicated to the Resurrection of Parma, recorded in the end of 2018, this week two important podcast talked about Gialloblù and in both of them Crusaders voice has been Giovanni Dougall, founder of Solo Parma (website, Instagram, Twitter)

Giovanni was interviewed in Episode 13 of Calcio Connection, a podcast about italian football co-hosted by Alex Donno (sports radio host in Miami) and Jerry Mancini (writer for TheLaziali and World Football Index) about our 2019/20 season and recent years. You can listen to Calcio Connection on Apple Podcast, Google Play, Spotify and follow their tweets on Twitter.com/CalcioConPod

Our Scottish fan was also the protagonist of brand new podcast about abroad fans called Far Away Fan Pod, that we talked about during past days. In his episode Giovanni talked more intimately about himself and the growing of his Parma passion, started with Buffon and encouraged by Alessandro Lucarelli. Here a resume of the contents: http://farawayfan.com/podcast/episode-4-giovanni-parma/

Take your time and listen to it, we are sure many of you will recognize themselves in his words. Don’t miss it: www.FarAwayFan.com, Twitter @FarAwayFanPod, Instagram @FarAwayFanPod

Listen to both and then write us if for you it is time to think about a Parma Calcio Podcast. We always look for suggestions and contributors.

Calaiò on Instagram

2017-02-05 – Parma – Pordenone 3-2

As you know we don’t use to talk about current players, but we do like to remember and follow former players, especially if they wrote important pages of our history.

Talking about recent history, one of them is Emanuele Calaiò, the Archer, that finally appeared on Instagram with an official account. It is almost the first time we hear from him since his farewell letter to the fans. Yesterday he posted the video of the goal in the extra time against Pordenone -perfectly frozen by Lorenzo Cattani in this pic – what a memory!

He is already been listed on our “Former players social accounts” list, where you can find many others of our football legends.

L’amore ci ha sorriso, la vittoria ci sorriderà

🇮🇹 Il Parma club China (qui il link alla pagina Weibo) ha inviato 2000 mascherine al Parma Calcio come gesto di sostegno in questo particolare momento con l’intento di far sentire la propria vicinanza alla comunità di Parma.

Sul pacco, consegnato oggi, Un riferimento a Verdi e l’Aida: “L’amore ci ha sorriso, la vittoria ci sorriderà. Forza Crociati”

Grazie, Crociati!

(Eccoli qui)

🇬🇧 Parma club China (Weibo page link here) sent 2000 masks to Parma Calcio as support in this particular moment with the objective to let feel their support to the Parmesan communty.

On the package, delivered today, a reference to Verdi and his Aida: “Love smiled us, Victory will smile us too. Com’on Crusaders!”

Thanks, Crusaders!

(Here they are)

Far Away Fan Pod: a voice, finally!

Parma Fans Worldwide was born a couple of years ago, aiming to help making community and giving support to abroad Parma fans. To resume our story, read “Small Town, Big Family”

During this long route, marked by some milestones – like the collaboration with outstanding BBC journalist Mani Djazmi, the “Grazie Capitano” project, the victory of Football Blogging Award , and many meetings we had and you had in your cities – we always looked around for other organizations with the same target than us in order to built some day, who knows, a network of networks. Not that easy, it seemed we were a sore thumb.

But we finally found a voice.

There is a guy, in India, that started a very very interesting and unique podcast focused on supporters that follow far away teams. His name is Shaun and we can assure you he has a genuine interest towards your stories and the right awareness to understand and tell them.

We invite you all to download, subscribe, rate, follow Far Away Fan Podcast. It will be an impulse for him to not give up and maybe his work will be inspirational for others.

Here all the channels:


Twitter: @FarAwayFanPod
Instagram: @FarAwayFanPod

Send your picture!

🇮🇹 Versione italiana: https://parmafansworldwide.com/2020/04/08/inviateci-le-foto/

Midway upon the journey of this quarantine we are here to remember you to send your pictures via email to info@parmafansworldwide.com or direct message on our social networks (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter)

We are collecting – together with I più Bellelli di Parma (Facebook page and Instagram profile) – the most peculiar pictures where you wear a Parma jersey or scarf (not during Parma football matches, too easy). It can be in the middle of a forest like Rikky and friends, at a Gala event like Robert, or running a marathon like Toni. Wherever, whenever.

We are sure this quarantine made you discover some forgotten picture from your teenage years. Don’t worry, nobody will judge your hair cut. Maybe.

You could be one of the finalists, all prized with the unique Homo Valdanito pin, or the winner that will get our numbered scarf and a Bellelli t-shirt.

Come on, Crusaders!

Thanks since now to all the contributors, especially to the unknown hero that passed in front of the camera during a DJ set in Barcelona.

“Different stories, same passion”

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