Away kit to be released

Parma Calcio and Erreà just announced the release of 2019/20 away kit, the last one missing for this season.

You have to wait until tomorrow at 6 PM CEST to discover it.

The release will be made on social networks and simultaneously in Tardini Off, the temporary store that will be open in Piazza Garibaldi from 10 to 1 and from 3 to 7 PM from 28 august till 1st September.

Get ready for a memorable choreography

Boys Parma 1977 together with Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs just released an official statement, that doesn’t happen very often, to communicate to all the fan base to be inside the stadium already during warm up in order to coordinate a Stadium-wide choreography.

All this is economically supported by the fan base (Boys Parma and Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs), that means that every contribution you will donate will be a real support for this kind of ventures. In every Stadium bar you’ll find a container for the fund raising.

Here the united statement:

“On Saturday a yellow and blue Tardini

A new season is coming an it will start with those 90 minutes that, for us, would never been as all the others.

A challenge that for us Crusaders has always been more than a match. A battle faced almost never in a fair way but that always saw US going out head up.

We would like to start again with the right step, to be hungry as when we wrote memorable pieces of history that nobody can forget.

We have the duty to support the guys, to let them feel all the town is with them. We will ask the participation of the WHOLE stadium, the participation of ALL the people, of ALL those who have Parma in their heart.

We are preparing a choreography that will involve all the stands, so that the guys will understand at the first sight that they will never be alone, that we fight together.

We printed thousands flags that will colour Ennio [Tardini, ndr]; at the entrance of the Curva, where we will distribute them we will ask everybody a small contribution to support the economical effort to colour Tardini with yellow and blue.

For what concern Tribunas you’ll find flags already on the seats and container for the offers in every stand’s bar.

We invite all our fan base to be on the stands already during the warm up in order to prepare as better as possible the choreography.

Now it’s our turn.

HOSTIS TUBERTUR QUIA PARMAM VIRGO TUETUR [motto on the Parma town logo: our enemy tremble because Virgo protects us]”

Boys Parma 1977

Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs

Last, few, Parma vs Juve tickets

Parma Calcio announced on official website that today since 10 am and only in Parma authorized TicketOne seller will be available the last, few, tickets for Parma vs Juventus.

The two areas available will be Tribuna Est (70 euro, 10 for under 14) and Curva Sud (45 euro, 10 got under 14). Curva sud will be available only for Parma province residents.

If you don’t get one ticket and neither a season ticket borrowed you’ll have no chances to enter the Tardini on matchday.

Tickets are nominal so can not be resold by the owner. And as said many times by the club don’t trust secondary ticketing websites.

List of official Ticket One box offices in Parma province:

Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs, Stadio Ennio Tardini-Palazzina ‘Maria Luigia’ Piazzale Risorgimento (mon-fri from 4 pm to 7 pm)

Tabaccheria Rolli, Via Venezia 22/A Parma Tel. 0521 786323
Tabaccheria Melody,,Via Parigi 25/D Parma Tel. 0521 483682
Tabaccheria Panorama Via S.Pellico 20/A Parma Tel. 0521 982402
Tabaccheria Bettati, Via S. Leonardo 129/B Parma Tel. 0521 776792
Tabaccheria Lottici, Piazza Ghiaia 33/D Parma Tel. 0521 235692
Tabaccheria Della Rocca, Via Emilio Lepido 1 Parma Tel. 0521 244366
Allodi Maura, Via Mantova 227/D Chiozzola Tel. 0521 604505
Tabaccheria Mussi, Via Nazionale 51 Fornovo Taro Tel. 0525 400259
Tabacchi Del Ponte, Via Ponte Alto 21 Noceto Tel. 0521 625351
Tabaccheria Salati, Piazza Partigiani d’Italia 4 Collecchio Tel. 0521 805603
Bar Marisa, Via Giotto 5 Fidenza Tel.0524 481583
Tabaccheria Mille Idee, Via Garibaldi 69 San Secondo Parmense Tel. 0521 874236

There is audience but no broadcast

Parma vs Venezia, coppa Italia match will start in a couple of hours in Tardini – at 6 PM CEST – but unfortunately for the fans that will not be at the stadium the match will not be broadcasted.

Italian Rai television has the right for the Coppa Italia – that’s why the club cannot stream it in his social network – but will provide just the radio commentary of the match and not the live streaming.

This is a real pity considering the big international interest around Parma and Italian football in general, like the explosion of dozens podcasts, live shows and social account about Italian football testify.

In the picture one of our favourite venture, Hong Kong podcast on Serie A realized by Il campo di Serie A in cooperation with Sportsyeah. The commentor with the Parma Black Phoenix jersey is Ernest Kam, a well known Parma Fans Worldwide Greater China Official Fans Club member, and Chan Wai Yue, that we would like to thank you officially for their efforts.

We hope that who runs Italian Calcio will take much in consideration abroad fans thinking about match streaming of “smaller” matches and especially schedule planning that is a huge demerit for Serie A. It is a shame that the exact match dates of the serie A matches are still unknown: this makes impossible for abroad fans to plan trips to Italy and organize an Italian Calcio weekend.

24th August Parma vs Juventus tickets info

Parma Calcio just released the informations about Saturday 24th August 6PM match against Juventus in Tardini.

As we already announced, the club underlined that the sale is not available online so to avoid website that brag about supposed avaiability. The only available tickets will be for sale in Italian ticket One box office since 10 am of 12th august (with no need for Fidelity Card)

Prices are:

  • Tribuna Centrale Petitot 150 Euro (10 Euro Under 14 Concession)
  • Tribuna Laterale Petitot 115 Euro (10 Euro Under 14 Concession)
  • Tribuna Laterale Ovest 80 Euro (10 Euro Under 14 Concession)
  • Tribuna Est 70 Euro (10 Euro Under 14 Concession)
  • Curva Sud 45 Euro (10 Euro Under 14 Concession)
  • Away fans stand 45 Euro (10 Euro Under 14 Concession)

Away stand tickets (3800 seats) will be available until Friday 23rd at 7 PM

Once Away stand will be sold out, Curva Sud tickets will be for sale, anyway only in Parma town and provice box offices.

Tribuna Est tickets will be for sale since 13rd august only if there will be availability after Season Tickets sale closure.

Curva Nord – main Parma fans area – is sold out with seasonal tickets.

Contact us for any info needed.

About Turf Moor, cricket and relatives

To be honest, we don’t know where we start from, writing this post about Parma friendly match with Burnley in Turf Moor. So, we start from the end: thank you!

Thank you to: Scottish crew (Gio and his father, Brian and his friends, Dave and Kirsty), London crazy travelers (Tom, Morris and Kristina, Daniel and Prelini, Donny & Co), James and all the kids, Lukasz from Poland, Dave the groom (and Tanya the patient bride), guys from Parma that were our guide in the Manchester Friday nightlife, Alex the Gentleman Ultra and Ale the Gentleman Legend, Boys Parma 1977 that lighted up the away stand in the second half, Parma fans we couldn’t know and ones we forgot to mention here, Burnley people that cheered with us before and after the match.

Despite logistical difficulties it has been an amazing experience to travel for one time on the opposite way and meet all of you outside Italy. Doesn’t matter if it was a friendly, it has been our return in Europe after… you know after what. And made on Boys Parma 1977 42nd birthday!

Seemed to us one of those family meetings you make now and then. At the beginning you can’t recognize all the cousins and when your about to leave time is not enough to tell each other our stories and you say goodbye promising you should meet again soon.

Yes, let’s do it again soon, guys. We don’t have to loose each other.

See you all in Tardini, see you all in an away stand, wherever. We are and will be Family everywhere.

PS: We left Burnley learning an important rule of a previously misteriuos sport for us such as cricket: in cricket clubs, the beer after the match is cheaper than before. This is an important – and the only one – rule of cricket we learned.

Important notice about Parma vs Juventus tickets

First Parma two matches of the season will be on Saturday 24th at 6 PM in Tardini with Juventus and on Sunday 1st September at 8:45 PM in Dacia Arena against Udinese.

As reported on this link – unfortunately just in italian – Parma reiterate with a statement on his official website that, like in past season tickets will be for sale not before 10 days before the match so don’t trust who try to sell tickets before that date and trust just Ticketing circuit.

Unfortunately tickets for big matches as ones with Juventus, Inter, Milan, Roma and Napoli will not be for sale online but just in Italian TicketOne box offices. And, if it will be like last season, in some case just for sale in Parma province box offices.

Don’t trust secondary ticketing websites: you risk to pay overprice and discover couple of days before the match that the tickets are not available.

Write us if you need any kind of information and if you are planning a trip to Tardini.

Burnley match and fans meeting

Tomorrow Parma will play a real, international match. Even if it’s a friendly one it counts a lot for all the fans especially for who lives outside Italy.

We’ll be there with some other supporters coming from all over Europe and will meet before the match to cheers together.

If you’ll be there too, write us for details.

Tickets for Parma fans area will be for sale since Saturday morning at 9:15 at the box office in Harry Potts way. Our area is the block 8, lower level of James Hargreaves Stand.

Price is 15 pounds. 10 pounds for over 65 and under 22. 5 pounds for under 18.

“Different stories, same passion”

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