Un capitano. No, two.

credit to: www.francescabocchiafotografia.it
credit to: www.francescabocchiafotografia.it

Yesterday in Tardini Stadium took place the first Meet&Greet – hoping it was the first of a series – of the season in which Captains Alessandro Lucarelli and Bruno Alves took photos with fans and signed pictures, t-shirs and… a flag!

We asked Captain Lucarelli to sign our flag dedicated to him and that was also the occasion for us to give him a special t-shirt we made before Parma vs Juve match with a The Plin in the back:

“Everybody is talking about Cristiano, but one day his brother, Alessandro Ronaldo, a defender, will come and make history more than him” [referred to the arrival of Captain brother, Cristiano Lucarelli, to Parma one year before him]

It is nothing against the great champion, Cristiano Ronaldo, but it is our way to underline  that for us NOBODY would be better than Alessandro Lucarelli. 

We gave a t-shirt to Bruno Alves to, as good omen for the season and for the captain role handover. Maybe will give it to Cristiano, who knows 😉


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