Maybe you can’t sleep

Curva Nord greets team after Parma vs. Hellas Verona on 24th may 2015

Maybe you can’t sleep.

Maybe you are thinking about three years ago. Last home match crying and singing “Torneremo in serie A“, or “Un Capitano, c’è solo un Capitano“.

Maybe you are thinking that football and life – are they really so different? – are weird: we would have many chances to cry after that day. Fortunately for different reasons.

Maybe you are thinking that tomorrow we will back again there – for REAL – and that, with all we passed through last years, this will be the sweetest season ever, even if we save at the last day.

Maybe you are thinking that you think too much and that, no, it is early to cry. Wait. Wait at least 18 hours. 18 hours and we will cry all together.

#thisisparma #weareparma #thankyouCaptain

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