#blucrociati riddle

Blucrociati, this is the hashtag (and the claim) of and unknown venture by Parma Calcio and Sampdoria that will be announced this afternoon at 530 pm CEST on Parma social channels. It is a mix between the word blucerchiati, a way to call Sampdoria fans due to their blue jersey with iconic circles, and crociati, Parma fans, obviously referred to the Parma Calcio crusader historical home kit.

As known, Parma and Sampdoria fanbases have a strong friendship born between Ultras Tito Cucchiaroni and Boys Parma 1977 during season 1990/91, when Boys made a banner with “A noi l’Europa, a voi la gloria: lo scudetto alla Sampdoria” [Europe for us, Glory for you: Scudetto to Sampdoria] congratulating for the victory of the league, the last time a non-mainstream club won a Serie A title.

Since then, the friendship extended to all the fan bases – it is quite common to see a blucerchiata shirt or a Sampdoria scarf in Tardini Curva Nord and yellow and blue colors in Marassi Gradinata Sud – and to Clubs. Friendship it is so strong that it is common to see great collaboration between Clubs for lowing ticket prices, making flags parade and… something else that we will discover this evening.

Stay tuned, we will update as the mystery, started when a full page on Italian main sport newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport appeared today, will be unveiled.

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