Parma and Sampdoria: an historical celebration

Rumors where right at least this time, this is something historical, that will make jersey collectors go crazy.

Probably for the first time in Italy two football clubs will exchange theirs kits before the match instead than after.

On Sunday 5th May in Tardini Parma will play with a blucerchiata shirt and Sampdoria with a crociata jersey, properly designed by Erreà and Joma in a maybe unprecedented attempt to celebrate a friendship that last since season 1990/91 and that was started by fans – because fans are always who make football being Football – and took on by Clubs marketing department.

The match worn jerseys will be sold on charity auction: selling of Parma shirts profits will go to Genova Gaslini Children Hospital and selling of Sampdoria shirts will support Parma Children Hospital.

Can’t wait to see them on the pitch. There will be a bit of confusion at the beginning, maybe, but surely a good time together for the fanbases in Tardini.

You can find the blucrociata and a special box with both shirts on Parma Calcio website:

Season tickets holders have a 20% off in Tardini shop and online.

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