Get ready for a memorable choreography

Boys Parma 1977 together with Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs just released an official statement, that doesn’t happen very often, to communicate to all the fan base to be inside the stadium already during warm up in order to coordinate a Stadium-wide choreography.

All this is economically supported by the fan base (Boys Parma and Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs), that means that every contribution you will donate will be a real support for this kind of ventures. In every Stadium bar you’ll find a container for the fund raising.

Here the united statement:

“On Saturday a yellow and blue Tardini

A new season is coming an it will start with those 90 minutes that, for us, would never been as all the others.

A challenge that for us Crusaders has always been more than a match. A battle faced almost never in a fair way but that always saw US going out head up.

We would like to start again with the right step, to be hungry as when we wrote memorable pieces of history that nobody can forget.

We have the duty to support the guys, to let them feel all the town is with them. We will ask the participation of the WHOLE stadium, the participation of ALL the people, of ALL those who have Parma in their heart.

We are preparing a choreography that will involve all the stands, so that the guys will understand at the first sight that they will never be alone, that we fight together.

We printed thousands flags that will colour Ennio [Tardini, ndr]; at the entrance of the Curva, where we will distribute them we will ask everybody a small contribution to support the economical effort to colour Tardini with yellow and blue.

For what concern Tribunas you’ll find flags already on the seats and container for the offers in every stand’s bar.

We invite all our fan base to be on the stands already during the warm up in order to prepare as better as possible the choreography.

Now it’s our turn.

HOSTIS TUBERTUR QUIA PARMAM VIRGO TUETUR [motto on the Parma town logo: our enemy tremble because Virgo protects us]”

Boys Parma 1977

Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs

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