Parma and Hungary a love story with (hopefully) a bright future

Kiraly Academy players in Parma today

Every Parma fan that goes to the stadium surely knows that in Hungary there is a strong community of Gialloblù supporters. Their banner is often shown on the stands around Italy or during summer trainings. The foundations, many years ago (2004!), of a well organized fans club – affiliated to Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs – is the proof of a long time love story.

Recently they founded a five-a-side football team with whom they will proudly bring the name of Parma around Hungary.

This is not the only link between Parma Calcio and Hungary: a sharing of experiences is being opened by the Club and top level Kiraly Gabor Football Academy. A young representative of Hungarian top level academy is now in Parma to take part to Copa Crozada and in the beginning of June our under 11 will take part to an international tournament in Szombathely (Hungary).

All this thanks to the passion of our worldwide Family.

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