Season tickets holders can lend their entry ticket

In season 2023/24 who owns a season ticket can pass his access to another fan of the same category: adults to adults, women to women, kids to kids, with no additional cost.

For most important matches, this is a fundamental way not to waste seats in Tardini and leave empty places when there is high request and box office sold out.

It is also a nice way to make community and help each other without non-profit.

Who owns a paper season ticket have to go on Ticketone website, click on “cambio utilizzatore” and selecting the referring match. After this procedure it will be assigned a document that represent the temporary ticket for the match. Once in Tardini the person has to bring this document and the season ticket of the person who lend it. (Explanation in Italian here)

If someone want to lend a season ticket from a fidelity card it can be done just to another fidelity card holder. The owner have to go on Ticketone website and select the interested match after clicking on “cambio supporto”. On matchday, the person has to bring his fidelity and the seat marker of who lend the season ticket. (Explanation in italian here)

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