Parma Calcio at Fifa eWorld Cup

credit to: eSports Academy ESA

You already heard, we are sure, about that: Parma has an official eSport team since this season as one of the first team in Italy.

Explaining what eSports are would be to long here, but we are pretty sure that if your sons are millennials you would have at least a vague idea. Anyway, here Wikipedia article about eSport.

As said, Parma Calcio, with the support of professional consultant agency eSport Academy arrived in eSport world as a way to reach younger generations and to, why not, repeat glory days even on video games, one day. Don’t laugh, eSports are real: added officially to Southeast Asia Games and about to be added to the Olympic Games list of competitions, with a estimated turnover of 900 million dollars in 2018 and live events that fill arenas and are followed by millions people worldwide.

From 7th to 11st January Parma Calcio will participate to one of the 11 groups composed by 12 teams that will proclaim one of the 11 European representative that will go to the 9-10 February finals.

The two players that will represent the team are Alessandro “Gintera” Ansaldi on Playstation 4 and Michele “AngryxMiche” Tangredi on Xbox. Both players results will be added together to calculate classification of the tournament to which take part eSport teams from all over Europe.

To follow them directly, best social channel is Instagram:

Alessandro “Gintera” Ansaldi @alessandro_gintera_ansaldi

Michele “AngryxMiche” Tangredi @angryxmiche

Parma eSport @parmaesports

eSport Academy @esportsacademy_esa

Com’on Crusaders!

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