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Celebrations time

As we told last may, Parma won an important Social Media award as the best account for the Social Media Soccer Twitter Challenge. You can find a resume of the Challenge in this previous post.

Next Sunday, in Tardini, Social Media Soccer – the Italian start-up company that focus on football teams social media data and that organize and important Social Football Summit once a year – will award Parma board and Communication team. To them our most sincere congratulations.

In case you still don’t know all the Parma Channels, here is the complete list:

 Parma Calcio 1913
 Parma Football Academy

 Parma Calcio 1913 Facebook:

 Parma Calcio 1913 Italian

 Parma Calcio 1913 English

 Parma Calcio 1913

To discover Social Media Soccer links:




New ownership agreement for Parma Calcio (and something to look forward to)

After almost one year the dispute between Nuovo Inizio and Link International is definitely closed thanks to the recent agreement that reaffirms the current ownership (60% Nuovo Inizio, 30% Link International, 10% Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche)

Both parties have committed a finance pro-rata a 3 year business plan that will be the blueprint for Parma Calcio’s development. Parma Calcio will also have access to the international scouting network and knowledge developed by Link International thanks to the network with managed clubs as Granada FC (La Liga), Tondela FC (Primera Liga) and Chonqing Dangdai Lidan FC (China Superleague).

From Parma Calcio website: “We are glad to have found a final solution to the problems occurred last autumn – says Marco Ferrari, Vice President and spokesman for Nuovo Inizio – reaching an agreement that satisfies both parties and that is in the best interest of Parma Calcio. We deeply appreciate the investments made by Jiang Lizhang in Parma Calcio over the past few years that have been crucial for the immediate relaunch of the club. We are also pleased to count on the contribution of the management delegated by Hope Group, whose professionalism we have already appreciated in the past “.

“We are very excited to continue this beautiful journey that started in Serie C with our partners,” says Jiang Lizhang, President of Link International and Hope Group. “Both Nuovo Inizio and Link/ Hope have prioritize Parma’s interests above anything else. We are certain that the current agreement will ensure the best development of the Company, which we will continue to support in every way so we can take this historical Club where it belongs”.

This is not the only news: in last days an extraordinary shareholders meeting of Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche revealed that Nuovo Inizio has an option to buy 9% of PPC quotes due to the fact that Parma Calcio majority shareholder covered also PPC quote during past onerous capital injections. In this way PPC would low any future business risk and the quotes would be balanced with the real deposits. For next 10 years PPC, even if with a 1% quote, will still have a member into the Parma Calcio board.

In the close future the Parma Calcio ownership asset could change again: 69% Nuovo Inizio, 30% Link International, 1% Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche.

Football is made by fans

Today, the organized fans will not be in San Paolo Stadium to support the Team. The three bigger groups – Boys Parma 1977, Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs and Danè – released few days ago a statement in which communicated the decision not to go to Napoli.

This decision was taken after the price for San Paolo away stand release: 40 euros (39,50 + 0.50 fee). 40 euros is a never seen price – a part for 45 in Juventus Stadium last year – for an italian away stand and is compounded by the fact that police use to let away fans in only after the match started and the condition of the building and the view are horrible. We wrote about the cage last season: Live from a cage.

Fan base choice is painful but necessary to disagree a policy that threats fans merely like customers, that consider Stadium a place for families only in talk shows, that ignore the UEFA directive that tells away fans stand have to cost the same as the lower local stand price.

As further protest Boys asked to all the fans to meet in front of Tardini at 6 PM CET (starting time of the match) and follow the match on the radio together.

We totally agree with this protest. We are worried about this way of consider fans only like customers and the way to try count something is only keep staying united.

It will be a pity to see empty stand in San Paolo and a one way support, it will be painful to give up to go to Juventus Stadium, but this is the only way to let hear our voice.

Football is made by fans.

PS: 40 euro is the same price for a low-cost ticket to Parma (landing in Parma, Bologna, Milan) or to some more welcoming town like Cagliari and back, where you can land in the morning, have good food, watch the match and go back home in 24 hours.

If you don’t dare to book because you think the organization is too complicated, contact us. We are here for this. We are a Family, never forget it.

Tanti Auguri Parma

We are proud to be part of this collaboration that put together Il Plin and Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs for the realization of a “Merry Christmas” video, directed by Davide Fantuzzi.

We wanna thank you a lot all the crew: Angelo and Coordinamento people, Alessandro “Il Plin”, Davide “Stanley”, Gabriele, Rulli from Parmagiani Indonesia and, of course, beloved Raffaella Carrà.

Here is the original song and the Plin lyrics so that you can practice your italian and sing it in front of your family during Christmas holidays. Don’t be shy, you did something bigger one year ago, don’t you remember? Here is a resume.

TANTI AUGURI PARMA [Best Whishes Parma]

Se per caso cadesse il mondo tu ci troverai sempre qua [If one day the World collapse, you will find me always here]

Siamo quelli sullo sfondo dalla D alla serie A [We are the ones on the background, from Serie D to Serie A]

La mia vita è tormentata , misto di gioie e di guai [My life is anguished, a mix of joy and pain]

Ma tra un urlo e una sciarpata sai non ti lasceremo mai [but between a scream and a sciarpata* we will never leave you alone]

Ma girando tanti stadi io mi sono convinto che [touring so many stadiums I realize that]

Non c’è odio, ne tristezza quando in campo il Parma c’è [there is no hate nor sadness when Parma is on the pitch]

Com’è bello tifar Parma dalle Alpi in giù [How beautiful is it to support Parma from the Alps going down]

Com’è bello tifar Parma lo sai anche tu [How beautiful is it to support Parma you already know it]

Tanti auguri A chi tante gioie ci dà [best wished to who give us so many joys]

Tanti auguri Di Natale e Capodan [Merry Christmas and happy New Year]

Com’è bello tifar Parma dalle Alpi in giù [How beautiful is it to support Parma from the Alps going down]

Andasse in Europa puoi partire anche da più in su [If he goes in Europe you can even start more northern]

E quando perde lo sai che facciam? [And when he loose you know what we do?]

Ripensiamo ai cubetti Che non ridono mai… [We think about cubetti**, that never smile]

*sciarpata is when all the curva exhibit the scarves together

**cubetti are Reggiana/Reggio Audace fans: “cubetto“, little cube or “testa quadra“, square head, are their nicknames. Also known as “cugino triste“, sad cousin, ’cause they never have a joy.

A Parma Academy in Panama: next stop Champions League Final

credit to all pics: Parma Academy Panama

It seems to be back at those glory times, when Parma had relationships in many countries around the world – also thanks to the Parmalat commercial links – and could include football schools in every continent, hotbeds of talents. We are starting rebuilding it, finally, and this is a great news especially for abroad fans.

Today, Parma Academy Panama, the first intentional Academy project for the reborn Parma Calcio, will be hosted in Tardini and will step the pitch before Parma vs Milan. Those young football talents, lead by Alexis Gomez, Sport Director, have been traveling trough Europe and visited Collecchio training center where they met CEO Luca Carra and all the players and had a taste of what we all hope it will be their future training center.

Boys visited also Madrid and they could touch the Champions League for the first time… who knows if the second time they will touch it will be… Good Luck, guys!

We wish all the best to Panama young talents, to Parma Academy Panama and to this International project that we hope will have more extension.

Next stop: Champions League final 2029!

15 minutes of silence

credit: Boys Parma 1977

For who will ask why during Parma vs Milan the Boys and Curva Nord will stay in silence for first 15 minutes, here is Boys Parma 1977 official statement, that you can read here in the original version.

“15 minutes of silence, 15 minutes of support strike. 15 minutes to think about 9 injunctions, arrived for the Ferrara “non-fact”. Because we are talking about this.

Unfortunately we got used in past years to see violated our rights as italian citizens, used as scapegoat by the system to cover all the obscenity of football world (fixed matches, bets, stadiums year by year more expensive reserved for fans-consumers that have to spend more and more, financial and sport doping, disappearance of historical Clubs, etc.). Often we passed over regime like laws, now it is too much. In Ferrara we organize an alone trip, as alone we would like to go to the stadium. This is not allowed in our Country, and it seems a vital point for governments and police, instead of resolving hundreds problems of our Country, and we had many examples in last days. In Ferrara we were about to go to the stadium by feet, Digos [special police force] stoped us and identified us all, just for the fact of not having been on the knowledge of our trip plan. During the way nothing happened. Zero. Nothing. But 9 guys have been casually chosen to receive a Daspo. To educate all the others to accomplish the boss’s diktat. And after Ultras, as we repeat since 20 years, this will happen to all the ones who will not uniform to the regime control plans. In that same Ferrar where a 18 years old guy has been brutally killed during a police control, but who’s picture can’t be exposed in stadium not to irritate controllers. As happened 2 months ago we are here commenting inhibiting decisions related with intentions or supposed intentions. And also in this case, some guy of the group have been hittenhit, guys that bring Curva on, guys that you see every match on that grades. The same guys that organize travels for the matches, prepare coreographies and coordinates the support in Curva. Those guys that you probably don’t know by name but you surely saw at home and away matches, that you saw work hard to make our home, Curva Nord Matteo Bagnaresi, bigger, that you saw getting emotional during those 90 minutes. For all this and not just this, today [Sunday] for 15 minutes we will not support. We ask you to do the same.We ask you to respect our decision. We ask you to be Curva Nord Matteo Bagnaresi.


Complete your Christmas gifts

Black Friday is on, all of you knows it, and Parma Calcio decided to take the chance to put some great material at discounted price, mainly 2018/19 official merchandise and some summer items.

You can check all the available items with up to 70% discount at this link:

With a slice of fantasy you could probably find all the missing Christmas gift there.

Yes, also your wife’s one.

One year ago

One year has passed since the day of the release of our first common project as a worldwide fans network: the concept, production and show of a song dedicated to Alessandro Lucarelli as a way to thank him for what he did for the Club and all of us.

Thanks to the collaboration of Plin – the Gialloblu satirical commentor – and Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs we could make our official debut in front of all the players and board during “Natale Gialloblu”, the dinner organized by CCPC to wish merry Christmas to the Club.

It has been the first time we went under the spotlights after months of hidden networking and support to all the fans spread around the world that would like to visit Tardini or simply find someone to share their passion with.

Waiting for the new edition of Natale Gialloblu – planned on 10th December – we share with you some unreleased pictures of that night. We just wanna remember you that we are still here, in Parma and almost everywhere around the world, to help all the Hidden Crusaders feeling part of the Parma Family.

Thanks to Willi Bonati for the pictures.

Hands Up for Solo Parma

Since 2013 there is a Scottish based point of reference for all English speaker Parma supporters, long before us and Parma Calcio social accounts: Solo Parma.

Behind it, Giovanni Dougall, a lifelong fan that we had the pleasure to meet in person many times. We suggest you all to follow his channels and to get in contact with him, he will be surely happy to answer (if he is not training for the next marathon).

Let’s build a worldwide Parma fans network together.

Solo Parma Twitter: @Solo_Parma

Solo Parma Instagram: @SoloParma

Solo Parma website:

Darren one of us

This is the part of football we like the most: meeting good people.

Thank you to Darren Bentley, Burnley Football Club Media Manager, that agreed to kid with us and took a pic with our Hawaiian style holiday hat.

The story behind this pic?

As you know, we have been in Burnley last August to follow friendly match in Turf Moor and met many abroad fans there – read the post “About Turf Moor, cricket and relatives” – receiving a great welcome from Clarets fans.

We started a Twitter chat with Darren after that he posted a picture of him and his colleague, the commentor Phil Bird, with an Hawaiian style Burnley shirt during the match between Burnley and Parma, so that we decided to ship them our Hawaiian style hat.

It was a way to say thank you to Burnley people and to express the wish to meet them again on the field, who knows, hopefully not for a friendly match.

We wait for you in Tardini. You’ll be welcome.

…and of course, if you want to improve your summer holiday wardrobe you find Burnley FC Holiday Shirt at this link. For PFW hat just have to start a Twitter chat.