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Guglielmo is the most Bellelli!

After 5 fights and risking more than one time to be beaten, Guglielmo wins the title of “the most Bellelli Parma fan” with a preseason pic of some years ago.

We don’t know who the lady that is holding his hand is, but we like to think to her as a summertime love, because, you know, who can resist to the charm of such a jersey? [The truth is that she is his wife and she deserves the same glory as Guglielmo]

Guglielmo wins the Bellelli t-shirt and the Parma Fans Worldwide DADE COLLO scarf. To all other participants our Homo Valdanito pin.

Thanks to Guglielmo, the finalist Gianluca, the over 50 fans that took part to the contest and the hundreds of voters.

A special thanks to i più Bellelli di Parma – follow them on Instagram (link: and Facebook (link: – and to Tomas Brolin.

PS: Don’t stop sending your pics, we will publish them with the #travellingParmigiani hashtag.

No Football without Fans: Boys Parma 1977 come together Europe Ultras voice


Boys Parma 1977 released a statement today to underline their dislike for a restart of Football with no fans in the stadium. Here is the document that has been singned by Boys and over 350 fans groups in Italy and all around Europe: from Bayern Munich to Juventus Ultras, from Curva Sur Madrid to Sporting Lisbon’s Torcida Verde.


Europe is under Coronavirus attack. Government decided for a total lockdown, taking care of the most precious thing: public health. first target for everyone. So we think it is reasonable a total stop of European Football.

Football governance expressed since the beginning his only intention: RESTART. We are strongly sure that the only ones to step the field would be economical interests and this is confirmed by the fact that the League should have a closed doors restart, without the beating heart of this “popular sport”: FANS.

It reasonable to assume that, once again, money supremacy step up human life importance.

So, we firmly ask to who manage this decisions to keep the stop for football competitions, until fill the stadiums will be again a safe habit with no risks for human health.

Football- system is in a difficult situation, caused to the bad administration of last decades. Bad administration that we always tried to underline with the only target to protect the most beautiful sport in the world.

Nowadays Football is considered more an “industry” than a sport, where the pay-TV keep the control over Clubs throught TV rights letting them pay excessive salary to the players; fomenting the hunger of football agents who’s only target is to fill their bank accounts as much as possible. A system based only on business and personal interests that, if it will not be resized will bring to a only end: THE FOOTBALL DEATH.

We would like to underline that, if Ultras would have the minimum intention to make money on what it is out passion (as we could read on media during last days), we would push for a restart rather than fight for this option not becoming real.

All this have to change. We are ready to discuss with who needed to bring Football to the origin, to go back living our bigger passion firsthand, to let this be again A POPULAR SPORT.”

There can only be one

After the 40 days long collection with over 50 pictures received – ones arrived too late will be published in next weeks – Bellelli crew selected the 16 finalists.

After the first round of the Travelling Parmigiani Bellelli Challenge, Rama, Rengga, Michele, Giuiana&Daria, Marco&Francesco, Giorgia, Dmitriy and Jose Esteban had to leave the competition. They all will receive our Homo Valdanito pin.

This is the draw for the quarter finals:

Matteo vs Mattia

Gianluca vs Dave

Robert vs Guglielmo

Federico vs Lorenzo

The first two matches already started and will end this late afternoon, followed by last two ones. You can vote on the stories of I più Bellelli Instagram account (link: and on the stories of I più Bellelli Facebook account (link:

You can double vote on the two socials since the votes will be summed.

Come on Bellelli Crusaders, there can only be one, and you decide who!

“A sema a Wembley”: Congratulations Parma A.C. (by M. Salvini)


Full match video here:

We translate this article from (thanks Mai Stata Storia Facebook page for the hint) because is a must-read, in our opinion. We ask sorry if with our non professional translation is not as accurate as Mario Salvini (that we thanks so much) piece deserves.

”Watching now videos on YouTube, you think it is a pity not have heard from inside Wembley, live, the Carlo Nesti sentence: ‘For the town and for the sporty soul of Parma it came a day it will be difficult to forget’.

In fact we are here, 25 years later [this Salvini’s article was published in 2018]. A picture of that slice of yellow and blue stands and all comes back in mind. Incredulity, more than trepidation. We had to repeat ourselves, that we were there. And that that was Empire Stadium, Wembley. But, more than the rest, that we were there for Parma.

I do know that maybe it could seem sickening what I’m about to describe, so be it!, it was exactly what it happened. While we were waiting I went upstairs, in the middle of the stand. There was a group, young guys like us, together with adults. Maybe fathers and sons. They brought a cutting board and – this was curious – a big knife to cut a salame. They gave a slice to who was passing there. Another man, older, with two wedding rings on the same finger, said thanks, took a slice and said ‘Mo g’pensot? A sema a Wembley’ . Can you believe it? We are in Wembley. ‘I used to go to away games with my wife with a Vespa, in Tortona, in Lodi, in Crema. E adesa sema chi‘. And now we are here.

Here at the Winner’s Cup final . Until three years ago Parma was never been in Serie A. Those that were in the stand holding yellow and blue balloons, in their life, most probably had seen more serie C matches than serie B ones, in Tardini.

In three seasons we lived the promotions to serie A, thanks to a victory in a derby with Reggiana; then Coppa Italia, won beating Juventus in the final. It all seemed too much. Nobody ostensibly could imagine to have a bigger party that that Coppa Italia final. But we were there. I still don’t exactly know how many of us. I read 16.000, or 13.000. I don’t know. We were all there. And it was our celebration. That one, for sure, would be never back. Maybe we didn’t realize it at the moment. But nothing would ever been like in those three days: the celebration of Parma, of our sense of belonging. For someone, many, the celebration of friendship.

Because if a team like Parma goes to an European final it is not the same as for Juve, AC Milan or Inter. We were just Parmesan people, proud as children. Few things could ever unite us like those three days. When is a big Club to go in a final the group of friends splits. Maybe someone, between the finalist’s supporter, decides to go watching the match. Others stay home, many jinxing. We all left to London.

At least on one thing in our life we had no doubt about: Parma AC. And it was not a matter of supporting. It was not important how strong fans we were, how many away matches we attended, or which part of our lifes was devoted to football and Parma. What it did matter was that we all agreed. Like it happen in every little town home team. But little town home teams doesn’t go to an European cup final. And they never play in Wembley.

So, for three days, I met middle and elementary school classmates in Trafalgar Square, in Covent Garden, in a Baker Street pub. And my old coach in Harrodsburg, and in Regent Street a couple that lived in my same building, the floor above me. Then groups of lads like me, those that in town you see million times and never greet. But when you meet there, queued to enter in Equinox, seems to be like your cousins.

London saw those strange supporters distractedly, those that stand in the same bars together with Antwerp fans. All of us took many pictures with Belgian fans. Police controlled, discreetly: ‘When did you arrive? By plane? It’s the first time Parma is in a final, right? Can we look into your bags, please?’

First friends of us arrived in our King’s Cross bed and breakfast on matchday morning: ‘We passed around here’ . It was a continuum, then. Until the meeting with those who left Parma that same morning. And that would be back during the night. All in 24 hours, maybe less.

I asked to one of those friends what he remembers more than everything. And he answered: ‘the way to the stadium’. Long, straight, white. Around us many known faces. Greetings and silly encouragement with everyone. Those two towers that we saw many times in pictures or on TV that become closer and closer. More and more majestic. The feeling to enter into mythical place. It wouldn’t be the same anywhere, not in Bernabeu, nor in Parc des Princes. Wembley is the Football. Parma, us, that day was italian football.

The wait and the sensation that following three hours could be filled with everything. Anyway, with something we would never forget. But I was never scared to loose, not before, not during the match. Not when Antwerp drew. Actually, even the first goal, very beautiful even watching it many times, by Minotti, seemed so logical. The normal consequence of those two days and a half spent in London. The Severeyns draw was just a predictable hitch, arrived to make all the rest a bit more thrilling. Then Melli with a header. Don’t worry, they will never reach us. Then Cuoghi with the fists in the air. It’s over, even if still six or seven minutes lasts.

I saw many people crying. And a friend of mine climbing and waving his arms. Behind him, on the screen, the text ‘Congratulations Parma AC’. That is my image for 12nd May 1993.

Then, during the night I heard those who sang Curva Nord chants in Piccadilly Circus. We were seated in the ground. In any other night of our life, with all London still to be enjoyed, there would be so many interesting things to do. But not that night. That night we could even stand there, seated.

Lucarelli behind the stove

Don’t worry, Alessandro Lucarelli will continue with his work in the Club as club manager, he just decided during this quarantine to make a video receipt behind the stove of his restaurant in Parma.

He is a presenting a seafood carbonara, revisited by Giovanni Petronella, the chef Ristorante “Dal Capitano”, opened by Lucarelli at the end of 2019.

The restaurant is located in via Montanara 15 in Parma (tel +39 05211790059 – and is specialized in Livorno – Lucarelli home town – seafood cousin.

Ristorante dal Capitano social accounts:

Facebook Page @RistoranteDalCapitanoParma

Instagram profile @RistoranteDalCapitanoParma

Chef Giovanni Petronella Instragram @Giovanni_PetronellaChef

Hors concours Superstars

🇮🇹 Versione italiana:

The collection of your pictures for I più Bellelli contest is about to end since the stricter phase of quarantine is almost over: you have time until 23:59 CEST on 3rd May to send your pictures.

After that day, our Bellelli scientific committee will choose the pictures that will have access to the finals. All the finalists will receive as a prize our Homo Valdanito pin, created for the 20th anniversary of definitive goal.

We want to share now some pics that for obvious reason we can’t consider in the competition. Thanks to Marcio Amoroso, that kindly sent a recent picture of himself and always demonstrates affection for the Parma fan base, and also to our archivists that found two stunning really old photographies that perfectly fits for this contest.

You can see all the previously published pics on our Instragram channel – tag #TravellingParmigiani – or on our Facebook page, in a proper photo album.

Ferrari: new rules are potentially risky for the athletes

credit to

Marco Ferrari just posted on his Facebook public page this comment on the new Coronavirus emergency rules that will be real since 4th of May and that will allow running but not professional training for teams (even if in protected conditions).

This is a non professional translation of this original post in italian:

From 4th of May, Bruno Alves & co. could go running in Cittadella [Parma town public park], maybe capturing the people’s interest, with the risk to create gatherings, contacts and potential infections. But they wouldn’t do the same thing, controlled, isolated and following a strict security protocol in Collecchio training center. It seems a paradox, but it is what the new rules impose about the team sports, that forbid the opening of the training centers of the team sport. At least for the two weeks following 4th of may. Then we will see.

I don’t know if and when there will be the conditions to restart with the Campionato in total security. I neither know if it is correct to try to do it – even if is a necessary choice – since we are all teared apart and suspended between the evidency that an entire business that stops will never have the energy to restart again and the sadness of an empty stadiums scenario with the echoes of ambulances in our cities.

I do know that the first step to a possible restart it had been made off the wrong foot and I hope that there will be the lucidity to remedy, avoiding to create paradoxical and potentially risky situations for the athletes’ health.”

Tardini back in 1960

A very unique document that we can show thanks to Rai Sport, of course, and to the friendship with Parma Museum Association, whose members discovered this document of a 1960/61 season match.

In that match Parma lost 0-1 against Mantova, so called Piccolo Brasile [the Small Brasil] because of their incredible rise from 4th division to Serie A in few year. The interesting part of the video is the stadium: quite unusual for an Italian football match to see the audience so close to the pitch. And surely these are unique images of Tardini like that.

Again, thanks to Rai Sport and to Paolo and all the Parma Museum association crew to allow us to publish this document.

Match worn shirts on charity auction

Live Onlus, a charity no profit organization that is mainly supported with the sale of match worn football items, just put on sale some very interesting Parma Calcio match worn or issued items thanks to the donations of some collectors.

You can check all Parma (and other teams) available items on the Ebay account:

To check Live Onlus projects:

This venture is linked with poll for the election of Parma ever best 11.

A gift that touched Parma Calcio


As we published yesterday in advance, a group of Chinese fans sent a pack with 2000 mask to Parma Calcio at Collecchio training center.

What we still didn’t tell is what was inside the pack [translated from this article on Official Parma website]: ”Many support messages under the same motto ‘Chinese fans are with you against Corona Virus’. Here some example of permanent memories for every fans that lives far away his football love: pictures that represents those chances in which they could get in contact with what they care. Someone taking a pic with D’Aversa, some other with some legend of the past, someone proudly wearing a scarf or a crusaders jersey. A great gesture that, we can assure you, moved everyone. Thansk Nevin, thanks Parma Fans from China