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Magic Box has a message for you

All of you already know we are about to meet UK Parma fans in London next Monday to watch together Bologna vs Parma in Golazio bar59 Camberwell Road, London SE5 0EZ – free entry, but confirmation is appreciated at

What you did not know is that there is a special guest that we invited and that would have been with us if his duty with Chelsea wouldn’t bring him in Boston right after the Leicester match on Sunday.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Gianfranco Zola, Magic Box, has a message for you.

Microphones, balaclavas, dedications and Awards

We are not that good with microphones and speeches, this is a point. We had all clear in mind but then on the stage we mess up as usual.

Resuming for who missed what happened tonight: we won Football Blogging Award 2019 as Best Forum (judge vote) in Manchester Ethiad Stadium.

At the announcement, we jumped on the stage with the Hidden Crusader balaclava on and would like to be funny and smart and profound at the same time but basically what we would like to say, and didn’t, was just a big “Thank you”: to Alessandro Lucarelli and Marco Ferrari because without them Parma could not exist anymore; to Coordinamento Parma Clubs, Boys Parma 1977 and all the fanbase for being such a great Family; to my family; to Keung and Hong Kong and Macau crew for their amazing work with Greater China division; to all the already organized fans groups that trusted us, to every single fan that join us for a match or contact us to have someone to share the same passion with.

To you and to the next Hidden Crusader that will recognize himself in that gialloblu balaclava and join us.

We are so bad with speeches we also forgot to dedicate it. We want to dedicate this to Mirko the Fighter, in such a crucial day for him, and to all the little big heroic kids that, like him, have to fight a battle they did not choose to engage. If Football gives these kids a chance to smile, then Football should exist even just for this.

Again, thank you all.

Bus, Train or… plane?

pic from

Parma will face Bologna in Dall’Ara stadium on Monday 13th at 7 PM CEST and we already published tickets info.

What we still didn’t do is to inform you on all the ways you have to follow the match together with other Parma fans.

First option is bus with Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs:cost is 35 euro for CCPC members (ticket + travel) and departure time is 330 PM from Tardini.

Ultras Boys Parma 1977 group is organizing a travel by train leaving from Parma station at 447 PM with train “regionale veloce 11545” and with tickets to by independently.

Third option is one that involves us personally and is to catch a flight to London and join us in Golazio bar – – where we are organizing the first Parma Fans Worldwide meeting in London. We don’t suggest specific flights but just to be there by 6 PM (London time), match starting time. Bring your jersey, your scarf, your flag and your Parma (or Calcio) lover friends and join us there.

We will be there since 5/530 PM and until the latest beer possible. Contact us by whatsapp or email at to confirm. Entrance is free but better if we have a quick idea of the number of participants in advance.

Bologna vs Parma tickets

Bologna vs Parma will be on Monday 13th May at 7 PM CEST. Yes, you read properly, on a Monday evening at 7 PM.

Parma and Bologna are not that far but it is really a timing that goes against the fans that would like to follow the team in this dramatic last matches of the season.

Who is going to watch Bologna vs Parma on Monday in Renato Dall’Ara stadium can buy tickets from Vivaticket at this link and choose “Curva Ospiti” for away fans area (both “A” or “B”areas are fine). There is no roof but, after all the rain we got on last Sunday ,statistics and The Crow are by our side: “It can’t rain all the time”.

Price for away fans area is 21 euro + commission.

At this link the Bologna vs Parma Facebook event to comment and share pictures.

Travelling Parmigiani: Colin and Neil

Sometimes you start following a team because of your classmate, sometimes because of the colors. Some other because of the name. Casualties, maybe. Or maybe not.

Colin and Neil are from Belfast, both strong supporters of Crusaders FC that started an interesting sort of gemellaggio between their local team and Parma Calcio, Italian Crusaders, following also matches in Italy.

Yesterday Crusaders FC won the Northern Ireland FA Cup – 3-0 against Ballinamarland – and our guys sent in real time a shot with the trophy and their Parma/Crusaders flag.

We took the chance to thank you Colin and Neil for their contribution to our Travelling Parmigiani photo album and, of course, congratulate with Crusaders FC for the victory.

C’mon the Crues!

Ultras meeting before the match

Boys Parma 1977 invite all the fan bases – Parma and Sampdoria one – to meet in a public park close to the stadium to celebrate together the 29 years long friendship with Ultras Tito Cucchiaroni.  

Everyone is invited in Ex-Eridania Park, located in the back of Barilla Center mall, where there is the Paganini Auditorium, at 11 am. In case of rain event will be moved into a covered area nearby. 

Less than 79 euro is a fake

Many of you contacted us about the limited edition “BluCrociati” shirt made for the 5th May match against Sampdoria because you discovered around internet some “supposed” trustable sellers that are boasting about the selling of this kit at special price.

To clarify for everybody, collectors and not, in Italy, UK, Hong Kong, wherever, after we talked directly with Parma Calcio marketing departement and Erreà in the person of Aris Briselli, owner of Erreà Play Store in Parma (the only official show room and shop of Erreà in town): the price for the jersey is 99 euro and it is available ONLY from two sellers: Parma Calcio – online and in Tardini store – and Erreà – online and in Erreà Play store in Parma in via Toscanini.

Only in shops in town there is the chance for personalization with players names and number. In the moment in which we write the only names available in Tardini store are Inglese, Gervinho, Bruno Alves and Kucka and the cost for the personalization is 15 euro. It is a limited edition jersey, even with special numbers, so the Club decided to limit the names available.

Only season ticket holders can buy the shirt in Parma with a 20% discount and the Club sent some 20% discount coupon code to some frequent buyer from the online store. This is the maximum discount possible.

So, the less you could pay for a BluCrociati jersey is 79 euro (65+22% VAT) in case you buy it online with a frequent buyer coupon code – if you are in a no vat country you could have duty discount on this tax due to local rules – or if you are a Parma season ticket holder.

As both, Parma Calcio and Erreà told us, don’t trust who sell at lower price even if he is saying that kits arrive directly from the factory or from some “mysterious” distributor: kits are produced in Europe and are all located in Parma at the moment of the sell opening.

The goalkeeper red jersey was produced just for the players and will not be for public sale: don’t trust who say it is available, otherwise Parma and Erreà would have it in their store, don’t you think?

Parma vs Sampdoria: when and how

We like to consider us a big Family and that’s why we use to prepare a customized time zone map to remember our mates the weekly match starting time in their country

For all the others there is this link: “Watch Serie A in your country”.

Parma Family members of the Parma vs Sampdoria game – that will start at 3 PM CEST on Sunday 5th May – are: Daniel (Spain), Harutaka (Japan), Kayce (Nigeria), Pascal (Switzerland) and Tom (England).

A Parma Club in London?

Next week Parma Fans Worldwide will be on tour trough UK because on 9th night we will attend Football Blogging Awards Gala event, were we have been nominated as Best Forum and Best International Content Creator (finger crossed) then we will come down to London when on Monday 13th evening we will join every Parma and Calcio fan that would like to be there with us to cheer and watch Bologna vs Parma together. Match will start at 6 PM.

To rise the hype on the event, well know Parma satyrical parody creator il Plin, exceptionally made one of his piece in English- even if he doesn’t speak English at all, so be understanding – to invite you to the event and, why not, see the birth of a London Parma Fans Club.

See you in Golazio bar – 59 Camberwell Road, London SE5 0EZ – on Monday 13th some minutes before 6 PM (even if we will be there all night long) and remember to send a confirmation email at