Vitesse Europa in: a lightning of Parma glory days memories

A lightning of Parma glory days memories passes through a just released Dutch publication about the Vitesse European adventure “Vitesse Europa in”, by Ferry Reurink.

Ferry Reurink, journalist and Vitesse historitian, was our guest during past season to collect material and make some interviews about the two matches where Parma and Vitesse were involved in 1994/95 UEFA cup.

The book, full of unreleased pictures and memories, it a testify of a Football era that passed, when staying together was the essence of supporting, when traveling for an European cup match what the chance to discover places, to make friends (sometimes enemies), live adventures.

The Parma chapter has been completed thanks to the contribution of Andy Gardener (author of an english Parma supporters fanzine “One team in Emilia” during 90s), Giuseppe Squarcia (Parma Supporters Liaison Officer and former Boys) and Angelo Manfredini (president of Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs). Inside you can find some Tardini and Piazza Garibaldi unseen pictures taken by Vitesse supporters.

We would like to thank Ferry for contacting us and for his professionality and kindness and all the Parma Family that, as usual, accept our invitations with an incredible enthusiasm.

To buy the book:

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