Ferrari: new rules are potentially risky for the athletes

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Marco Ferrari just posted on his Facebook public page this comment on the new Coronavirus emergency rules that will be real since 4th of May and that will allow running but not professional training for teams (even if in protected conditions).

This is a non professional translation of this original post in italian:

From 4th of May, Bruno Alves & co. could go running in Cittadella [Parma town public park], maybe capturing the people’s interest, with the risk to create gatherings, contacts and potential infections. But they wouldn’t do the same thing, controlled, isolated and following a strict security protocol in Collecchio training center. It seems a paradox, but it is what the new rules impose about the team sports, that forbid the opening of the training centers of the team sport. At least for the two weeks following 4th of may. Then we will see.

I don’t know if and when there will be the conditions to restart with the Campionato in total security. I neither know if it is correct to try to do it – even if is a necessary choice – since we are all teared apart and suspended between the evidency that an entire business that stops will never have the energy to restart again and the sadness of an empty stadiums scenario with the echoes of ambulances in our cities.

I do know that the first step to a possible restart it had been made off the wrong foot and I hope that there will be the lucidity to remedy, avoiding to create paradoxical and potentially risky situations for the athletes’ health.”

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