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You started because one of your friends tried one time and convinced you. He said “Com’on it’s easy, it is not that expensive, you’ll enjoy”. So you got your first experience.

After that, you said to yourself you would never repeat it again. Because you don’t need it. Because one time is enough. But.

But your friends get more and more and you are there with only that one. So you say yourself “Why not? It is not dope. What can happen?”

Nothing. Nothing special but you now can’t stop it.

Do you have that La Spezia promotion red jersey? And the 1999 iconic yellow and blue? With Parmalat flower or without? There is difference. And Black Phoenix? With sponsor or without? Match worn? Really?

Nothing, Nothing special but you just can’t stop it.

Collecting can be like a drug. Every addict need a trustable dealer or at least someone that can give him good suggestions about the goods and who are sellers to trust. So we created the Collector’s Corner. A Forum – still in trial version, so be patient – where show your collection, meet other addicts and ask for suggestion about Parma merchandise originality, seller trustability and any kind of good advice needed.

Since the Forum will be a free space we ask everyone’s collaboration to start it up well and keep it an honest information exchange place between Parma Fans, not a marketplace.

In ParmaFansWorldwide style.

courtesy: Parma Locker Room

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