World Poetry Day

Today is the World Poetry Day and we couldn’t find better poem than this to be shared with you.

“Dopo anni di vittorie” Arab version

Lyrics and Music: Boys Parma 1977

Translation and Performance: Amr Fekry

Dopo anni di vittorie / siamo finiti in D / ma quando gioca il Parma / noi siamo sempre qui / La strada sarà lunga / da soffrire ci sarà / ma se restiamo uniti / resteremo in serie A

[After winning years we went to serie D, but when Parma plays we are always here. The way will be long and we have to suffer, but if we keep being united we will stay in Serie A]

بعد سنين م الانتصارات .. رجعنا السيريي دي .. لكن لما يلعب بارما .. بنكون دايما موجودين .. الطريق لسة طويل .. وهايكون فيه معاناة .. لكن واحنا مع بعضينا .. هانفضل في السيريي آه ..

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