Парма for Russian speakers


A part for being an Official Parma Fans Club and content website, Parma Fans Worldwide has the mission to help building a network of all the Parma Calcio fans abroad.

You will discover that you are not the only fan in your country and that creating connection with other abroad groups will allow our family to grow and make Hidden Crusaders out there less lonely.

If you speak Russian and want to be updated on Parma news, have a look at this VK page, run between others by Dmitri, https://vk.com/parma_calcio 

For Telegram users there is also a big channel – admin name in Roman from Volgograd – that is a quick a fast way for receiving news on you mobile phone: https://t.me/fcparma1913

Both channels are listed in our Parma Calcio fans Worldwide Network list, constantly updated.


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