Come back home, Lagrimón: an happy ending story

This is the story. And has happy ending.

Lagrimón, Tino Asprilla magnificent bull, was stolen from his farm “San Tino” in Tuluá (Colombia), together with some cows, on 21st February morning.

Tino cares a lot his bull and will not be satisfied until his beloved Lagrimón will be back home and his kidnappers in jail.

“Today they stole my bull Lagrimon […] I hope that Police and Fiscal police will take note about that”
Tino decided to put on the web a communication in which asks to everyone that could be useful for investigation to give their help, promising a “magnificent reward”.

“Reward offered to who give useful informations. I hope he is still alive and that will be soon back”

Not all the followers had the same opinion about the fact “he is already sausage” says some cruel one, someone is sure to have seen him in Uribe, some other have suggestion and tell to “look for him where they celebrate 15 years birthday, weddings…”


Someone is a conspiracy expert and suggest to “ask for him to the 8000 president whisperers net”, some other – denoting sensitivity – thinks about the sad cows he left home. The winner suggest to look for the butler.

The whole Parma fans community mobilitate in order to find Lagrimón: they are looking for him in Iceland and Balkan, and in Italy too.

Unexpectedly this morning, thanks to Colombia Police and to the people that cares Tino, Lagrimón was found. Alive.

An happy ending story. Sometimes happens.

Welcome back, Lagrimón.

Ps: si hemos bromeado un poco es porqué te queremos, Tino. Sino todo el mundo hubiera pasado por alto sobre el asunto. Un abrazo desde tu aficion Gialloblù.

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