Travelling Parmigiani: Davide in Marseille remembering crowdfunding campaign is still on

Davide, the director of the documentary about Lucarelli and Parma fall and rise sent us this pic from Marseille with Velodrome as background, in the year of 20th anniversary of Parma UEFA Cup 3- 0 triumph over Olimpic Marseille in Moscow.

Considering his bravery in walking in Marseille with our scarf on, he deserves at least your attentions about his crowdfunding campaign for realizing Il mestiere del Capitano documentary. The goal is to reach hopefully 20K euro but every single donation is important.

Down here you’ll find the teaser, the direct link for donating is this:

By donating – even if just 10 euro – you’ll have your name in the movie end titles as thank you, plus many bonus depending on the quote you choose.

Many supporters already made the donation, between them also Marco Ferrari, one of the main characters of our renaissance.

What are you waiting for?

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