FloFC about Parma Fans Worldwide


With a mix of pride and embarrassment we invited you to read this complete article by Chloe Beresford for FloFC about Parma Fans Worldwide project.


Chloe spotted one important thing: this website is just a medium to get noticed but the most important work we (try to) do is to build a worldwide network of fans in order to make Parma Family bigger, stronger and make you feel Parma, if possible, closer.

Everyday chat (on Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram), post (website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), meeting in Tardini or for an away match, gathering to watch a match together on TV: every little step allowed day by day, even if in just few months, to make this project real. Every Hidden Crusader we discovered, or that discovered our network, is now not alone anymore.

Follow Chloe on  on Twitter and on Facebook via her page CalcioByChloe.

Article listed on PFW press review.

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