First match will be in Tardini

credit to Marko Radovic

Fans are quite sure about it: first seria A Parma match of the season will be in Tardini.

How can they say this? With a reverse count.

Parma asked permission for playing 16th september, 4th match, away since in Parma there is a huge fair in Parma Fiere (Salone del Camper). Previous weekend there is national team stop so, reverse counting should be: 3rd home, 2nd away, 1st home.

Rule also says that there can be a consecutive home (or away) match only one time per round… chances that this fans are right are more than 50% in our opinion.

The only doubt regard Tardini… looking at the picture of the pitch that Marko (thanks a lot!) realized in our stadium on Tuesday… will works end on time?

Schedule will be revealed today, starting at 7 pm (Rome time) on Sky Sport.

Link will be this (probably not working in all countries):

We will share them as soon as possible here and on our social channels.

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