Parmagiani Merchandise

As many of you already know, at the end of November there will be Parmagiani Indonesia National Gathering for the celebration of 9th fans group anniversary. If you are interested in their merchandise can contact proper Facebook page Merchandise Parmagiani or Arie at the phone number +62 812-9360-0091 You find all their official social account in our … Continue reading Parmagiani Merchandise

Parmagiani official team in EFFA league

Parmagiani Indonesia took their annual picture at the beginning of the year to present their new jersey. This is the Parmagiani Jakarta region team that will compete in EFFA Competition in 2019 against other 20 European team fans club on football, mini soccer (7 players) and futsal (5 players) tournaments. EFFA – European Football Fans … Continue reading Parmagiani official team in EFFA league

Parmagiani Gathering and elections 2018/2021

As you should know, Parmagiani Indonesia National Gathering, took place last week-end. Parmagiani Indonesia is a big fans community, few of them ever been to Italy but the passion they have for the team is huge and represents a reason for meet up, share experiences and have good time together. This picture is more iconic … Continue reading Parmagiani Gathering and elections 2018/2021

Parmagiani 9th Anniversary and Football Away

  If you are a Facebook member you maybe already know about them or have some of their members in your contacts. Parmagiani Indonesia is probably the bigger organized Parma fans community outside Italy. They are organized in every town in Indonesia and every year have a National Gathering (next one will be on 25th … Continue reading Parmagiani 9th Anniversary and Football Away

Good news

  As we already explained, 24th July was a day to celebrate. Parma Calcio inaugurated English Twitter account and started – really – double communicating in Italian and English on website and Facebook. Did you notice that since some days you see english post on Facebook, right? Today we can confirm that it is celebration … Continue reading Good news

Set alarm clock at 4 AM, there is Parma on TV

Think about this when your wife is bothering you because you spend couple of hours to watch your team on tv or dream about take a plane and flight to Tardini. We talked many times about Parmagiani Indonesia, probably the biggest and best organized local Parma Fans community outside Italy. A part of chatting in … Continue reading Set alarm clock at 4 AM, there is Parma on TV