Lonigo presente, anyway

Pic: Nicolò Fabris Facebook account

Today, on his Facebook page, Parma Calcio former communication manager Nicoló Fabris announced he will work for the Club no more. An extremely quick and cold note on Parma website confirmed the news.

We never comment the management choices, would they be related to the sport or the managerial area. We are fans: we support anyway, wherever and whatever happens. We are always optimistic about the future and we are sure that the future will be bright both for Parma Calcio and Nicoló, but today we can’t hide our sadness.

Nicolò has been the founder of the well know website ParmaFanzine, a self-financed blog that informed Parma fans quicker and in a more accurate way than the official press agencies, back ten years ago. In some moments ParmaFanzine was the only way to get informations about our Club, for who was not living in town. Legends tells that in the anguished weeks of the failure season he slept in his car outside Collecchio training center to get news before anyone else, and we don’t doubt it is true, check that season videos on YouTube, Nicolò is always there, in the front line. After an experience in a Serie A communication team, Nicolò was deservedly called by Marco Ferrari and the “magnificent seven” as a Communication manager of the Club, a role in which we felt to have a person able to understand the fanbase feelings, since from the fanbase he comes.

Nicolò and his work with Parma Fanzine inspired us. Inspired us both personally, showing how to follow (and realize) a dream, and professionally, tracking a way no one else covered before. Nicolò is an away fan like us, grown far from Parma like all of us, being the only Parma fan in his hometown (Lonigo), like us. He found a way to tell Parma Calcio to all the italian fans and did it better than anyone else. He helped thousand fans around Italy reaching informations we needed, demontrating there was a public for his news. He fueled our passion daily since one day we decided to start a channel to collect all the Parma fans outside Italy. Without any doubt we can say Parma Fans Worldwide won’t exist without ParmaFanzine experience.

We wrote a goodbye post that looks like a pre-obit, sorry for that. We just would like to send our bigger “thank you” and “good luck” to Nic and probably sadness spoke for us more than needed.

Things will be brighter for everyone. We are sure about that. We have to be.

Good luck, Nic, we see you in Curva Nord.

22nd June 2015. Parma failure. (Pic: Stadio Tardini)

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