Hidden Crusader against Evil Forces

We are asking you the last effort to bring the Hidden Crusader to the top of the International Football Blogging Industry.

Hidden Crusader is you and for you Parma Fans Worldwide worked during all this season. We aimed to let people in Parma understand that abroad fans are Real Fans, and we reached. We aimed to let abroad fans understand that in Parma they are welcome and if some door seem closed, you just have to knock, and we reached.

For a quick resume of our story read “Parma: small town, big Family”

Now we arrived to the unhoped-for goal of having been nominated as Best Forum and Best International Content Creator at the important Football Blogging Awards. One last step to the international consecration.

If you believe that Football without Fans is nothing, support us!

Few hours until the voting closure at 23:59 of 21st April GMT, few hours to vote in for different ways:

1 – HERE:  You can click on the right bar (or bottom, if you’re using a mobile device) white widget putting 2 votes, one for “Forum” and one for “International Content Creator”.

2 – ON FBA WEBSITEhttps://footballbloggingawards.co.uk/vote-now/ choosing “Parma Fans Worldwide” in Forum and International Content Creator fields . You are not obligated to leave name and email. 

3 – ON TWITTER: paste this in a tweet 

“I am voting for @parmafansww in @TheFBAs for #BestForum”  (ready Best Forum tweet at this link


“I am voting for @parmafansww in @TheFBAs for #BestInternationalCreator” (ready Best International Content Creator tweet at this link)

4 – ON INSTAGRAM: head to the Football Blogging Awards Instagram pageclick on the relevant category (Best Forum and International Content Creator)  image, and tag our account @parmafansworldwide in the comments.Football is made by Fans, vote for Parma Fans Wordlwide at Football Blogging Awards!

Supporters are there in glory days and during the losing ones. So, anyway it goes, thank to all of you.

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