Hana, Bastoni and Jacopo

credit to Dejan


On Saturday, in Dacia Arena, a beautiful thing happened.

That kind of things we like to talk about because there is involved football, supporters and humanity.

At the end of the match Hana, a young Croatian Parma fan (at her 4th match this season!), was on her father Dejan shoulders to try get a t-shirt from a player, since they use to give worn jerseys to fans as gift. Alessandro Bastoni threw his jersey to her but she was not enough quick and strong to hold it and another fan took it almost from her hands. After few minutes, while she was still sadly explaining to her father that Bastoni intention was to give the jersey to her, a guy that saw all what happened went down from the terraces and gave the t-shirt to her. The only thing we know is that his name is Jacopo, that worn a Boys Parma 1977 hat, and that he is not the one who took the t-shirt from the girl’s hands but a kind and wise person that saw all the scene and decided to intervene.

Well done, Jacopo. We are proud of you!

#thisisparma #parmafamily

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