Ultras kept their word

Credits to Parma Boys 1977 Facebook page

As we anticipated in this post: https://parmafansworldwide.com/2018/09/18/ultras-for-amatrice/ , Italian Ultras fans, all together,  gave materially huge help to town of Amatrice, hit by terrible earthquake two years ago.

Today there has been the official inauguration ceremony.

Here you can see pictures of the tribune and the thanks plaque given to Boys Parma 1977, that donated more than 3000 euros.

More than numbers and apart preconceptions, this pictures testify what Ultras did: look carefully at this pics, no mass media will show you. On the plaque it is written “To the Ultras world that answers and that united for solidarity donate a smile to a suffering community”

Thanks to Parma Boys 1977 Facebook page to allow us in publishing the pics.

Credits to Parma Boys 1977 Facebook page
Credits to Parma Boys 1977 Facebook page




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