The Captain, again

From: YouTube

Is Alessandro Lucarelli that face the camera talking about the attacks that Parma still suffers.

Interviewed by Sky Sport Italia, Parma new club manager, still acting Captain, about the situation says:

“In opposition to what seems from outside we are totally calm about this situation because as we use to say ‘do no evil and have no fear’. Our awareness is clean, as a team and as a society. We are in this trial because we have to but I think that all this it is almost ridiculous because we conquered promotion during the season.

They are riding this wave because they want to get benefit from it but if they wanted to be promoted then they should have demonstrated to deserve it on the pitch as we did. They now act like justice and truth defender when at least once in a week they are in front of a judge for extremely more serious care than ours. So, I have nothing to answer to this continuous attack we receive, I am still convinced that Justice will give us reason, unfortunately our promotion is bleamished because people just read headlines without deepen, anyway we all should laugh on all this situation.”

+++this is a non professional fan translation made from the video you find at this link: +++

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