Against all odds, by your side

Captain Alessandro Lucarelli – pic credit:

We choose this pic because it is representative.

It represents our recent history, it represents who we are, where we come from, what we can resist to.

All around – expecially by italian press – there is a mediatic process against Parma Calcio that is throwing mud against our colors. We don’t want to tell our opinion about a process that is running and that maybe – italian legal system is famous for his low timing – tomorrow will disclose our future. We will be patient and will wait in silence and in respect to the work of Justice even if it is important everybody knows that Parma and its fans deserve respect.

What we want to be clear to everybody is that Parma Fans Worldwide will be on the society side in any case. We conquered Serie A and we deserved it. “They” want us in Serie B? in Serie C? Serie D, probably to win other couple of derby against Reggiana? well, we will be there anyway like in last three years and like our Captain Alessandro Lucarelli teached us.

It is not a matter of fanatism, it is a matter of love.

When we restarted three years ago one of the mottos was “We are Parma”. This words are still effective: all of us, from Indonesia to Greece, from Iceland to Poland, Hungary, Balkans, England, Egypt, Brazil, everywhere… All of us have that words tattooed under the skin, even if we don’t have a membership card or if we have never been to Tardini in our life.

We will be by Parma Calcio side everywhere, in any case, against all odds.

#weareparma #thisisaparma

ps: to be clear, we deserve Serie A and we can’t wait to kick Juventus ass in Tardini ASAP 😉


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