Season Review 2017/2018 – Episode 3

Football, like life, is a story to tell and our story, in last three years, IS the football.

We do it from fans to fans: even if translation is rough we are sure you will appreciate it anyway.

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EPISODE 3 – “Last lost in Tardini”

Parma come back from Venice with three important points and on 29th september night match plays against Salernitana. Crusaders starts well, very well. At the end of the first half we have scored two goals with defencders: Di Cesare at 17° and Lucarelli at 33°. But in the second half our opponents grow. Sprocari reopen the match and then, in seven minutes, from 71°and 78° we loose two players: Di Cesare and iacoponi are sent out with red card, then Vitale draw on penalty. Parma defends and at the end is one point. “We throw away a match that we dominated in the first half and for being too presumptuous and having a bad attitude in the second half. After the break we came back too lifeless and we can’t allow this” so Captain Lucarelli warn.
We need the right pressure also because next match is on Palermo pitch, one of most difficult away matches of the season. Rosanero show immediately their intentions, leading the match with La Gumina after ten minutes. Crusaders draw with Gagliolo at 70° with a head shot. Gagliolo scores also at the end of the match but the referee declare void the goal: it ends 1-1. “After the draw, in the pitch we had the feeling that we could win the match. We attacked a lot and had our chances” so explains Riccardo Gagliolo after the final whistle.

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Home match with Pescara will be historical in his own way: it will be last home defeat of the season. Parma can’t know that and, by the way, after the Brugman joke five minutes before the end of the match, in press conference AD Luca Carra says: “I saw a team that played and that improved compared with last matches. All together we hav to get out this situation”.
Call to unity, in addition to a renewed trust in D’Aversa, gives good effects with three straight victories, that relaunch classification and moral. We start with Virtus Entella. 21st October will be a three points evening but it opens with Ceravolo injury: forward was back since the beginning but after 28 minutes he have to leave the pitch. Crusaders plays also for the teammate and, again, is the Captain to let us lead the match: first half we are 0-1. Lupi draw but in the final Calaiò and Insigne score: 1-3 ! GIPHY
Foggia will be next week match and it will be a good match: 0-3 with Gagliolo, Insigne and Calaiò. Insigne 0-2 goal is most important of the match and one of most beautiful of the season: “We started a growin program, tonight we continued what we beginned to do in past days. It is a long way journey, we already played one hour great football against Salernitana, coming here in such an important stadium with such a hot tifosi and making this performance is synonymous of personality”, Mister D’Aversa is satisfied.

It is Avellino then: 2-0. Di Gaudio, at his first goal with our colors, then Insigne, third straight goal of the season in last minutes like against Virtus Entella. “We closed very well this three matches. Surely we were not bad when we lost and now we are not phenomenals. We need continuity and play every match like this with concentration and determination. Just acting this way we can get satisfaction”. This is Di Gaudio comment.

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