Stay home, stay safe

Hint: Coruzzi

We don’t like to talk about things we don’t know about and we never wanted to go out from our main mission that is to create an international Parma fans network. But this situation worldwide – and especially in Italy – force us to spread a message, the same one you keep listening from everybody: Stay at home, and we will sooner be back meeting in Tardini.

Parma Calcio, despite the actual difficulties, is wothily providing daily contents for fans. Some of them in Italian language (players reading fairy tales to kids, video messages from Parma Legends), many others for all the fans around the world, especially via Twitter and Facebook, never forgetting to Support Parma Strongest Team.

Thanks to everyone who will follow and spread this simple message.

Stay home, Stay safe.

And we will sooner be back meeting in Tardini.

(Thanks to Coruz and Keung)

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