Happy Birthday, Little P.

credit Il Plin

By il Plin

  • Hey, how are you?
  • I’m here with my son, you know, it’s his birthday.
  • Happy birthday! What is he doing now?
  • Well, he gave me great satisfactions, I have to admit it. He made incredible things, but maybe I’m not neutral in the judgement.
  • No, well, tell me
  • 3 degrees and one Master’s degree.
  • ohh, that’s unbelievable, many not even in a lifetime can do that. Amazing.
  • He also challenged the Italian most clever, at his place… and they draw, right in the end.
  • Great! Mine one was dismissed two times. You’re cousin’s son even more times.
  • Now he wants to travel into Europe, just to try finding his way, still they have to hire him.
  • It’s all good experience, the important thing is that he will not skip steps too much.
  • No, that’s not a risk: one thing I thought him is not getting ahead of himself. And to be honest.
  • Well said, even if too often, the better you are the more they try to throw mud on you.
  • I know it ver well, every year they start something new against him, poor kid. I would like to help him but in the end was he that helped me.
  • Yeah, I do remember how bad you felt in the months before he was born.
  • A lot, but I also learned a lot. And I promised myself I would never make same mistakes again with him.
  • You’re a god dad, you’ve no reasons to blame yourself. Then, with such a child, it is clear that some credit is also on you.
  • Thanks but he made all by himself. Since when he was born, since the first words. Studies, 3 degrees and the Master’s one. Now I could say he is almost a man.
  • Sorry for the question but… I lost the sense of time. All these incredible things you’re telling me… How old is your little Parma Calcio?
  • He is 4 years old today.

Thanks to Il Plin for this conversation that remembers us we all have something to celebrate today.

Happy Birthday, Parma Calcio.

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