Last matches date and time


We are sure many of you were hardly waiting for this. Finally the date and time of last Parma matches of this season are out. And they are quite good because home matches are on Sunday at 3 PM that means we avoided risk for Monday night match: the only Monday evening (!) match of the season will be the one in Bologna. Round 38 (Roma vs Parma) will be decided last minute, after round 37th matches end.

Here the matches:

ROUND 34: Chievo vs Parma on Sunday 28th April at 3 PM CEST

ROUND 35: Parma vs Sampdoria on Sunday 5th May at 3 PM CEST

ROUND 36: Bologna vs Parma on Monday 13rd Mat at 7 PM CEST

ROUND 37: Parma vs Fiorentina on Sunday 19th May at 3 PM CEST

ROUND 38: Roma vs Parma TBD

We know many of you are coming for both home matches, especially with Sampdoria, because of the gemellaggio between the two Clubs. We suggest to contact us right now – by email, Twitter, Messenger or Whatsapp in order to let us have time enough to organize better reception possible for you and to organize fans meetings and maybe some special “extra”.

Com’on Crusaders, season is about to end, don’t wait too much, book the flight, Parma Family is waiting for you.

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