Fanzine Superstar

credit to Andy Gardener and

World Wide Web celebrates 30 years today and we are grateful for what represented for us as people and as away fans: the project of a Parma abroad fans Worldwide network wouldn’t be possible without WWW.

Here we would like to celebrate something that represents one of the first documentations of Parma Calcio abroad support. Surely the oldest we collected since now and if you have memories of other, please contact us.

From 1994 to 2003 Andy Gardener, a Parma fan from Essex, produced a terrific fanzine named “One team in Emilia”, and just the title is enough to get our liking. The fanzine was distributed from a Fanzine shop (a fanzine shop! It seems centuries ago and was just few years) in London called Sportpages and by postal service to, in best years, 200 subscribers from Brazil, Malta, Scotland, Norway…

One team in Emilia provided his readers with al lot of new, exclusive interviews, match tactical analysis, Boys choreography explanations, curiosities: all really hard-to-get informations in pre-web era.

Due to Web explosion in new millenium the venture was closed but it remains a wonderful proof of early Parma abroad Fan base existence. The service made by Andy’s Fanzine has been incredible and even if ended now and family needs low his time for travel, his passion for Parma never stop.

In this celebration day we would like to point our spotlight and give the deserved recognition to Andy, his fanzine, and all the fans that in pre-web era, with many more difficulties than now, fought for cultivating their passion for Parma and Parma Calcio.

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