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English speaking fans already know it. Solo Parma is a blog/website run by a Scotland based fan that since 2013 spread information about our team in English. Solo Parma often represented the only voice to hear for English speaking fans, execially when the Club didn’t make double language communication. Thanks to John “Giovanni” for his great and constant work in support for Parma Club and also to Parma community, that you know – we risk to be redundant in remembering this – we call it community but we consider it a family.

We hope it will not remain a solitary case because we need to have as much representative as possible all over, in order to build a big worldwide fans network.

We are also really proud for what Giovanni wrote about his last experience in Parma and for having been of some help. Here is the article:

SoloParma is already listed in our Worldwide Network channels list that soon will be massively updated.

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