Former players social accounts list

thanks to all of you, champs!

At this link you will find UPDATED LIST:

You should know we are not so interested in spy on stuff not related with the picth but we are sure some of you sometimes ask himself “How is El Tino doing?” or “What Tomas Brolin is cooking?”. They are on social networks so they also would like to tell you something.

Just an easy way to keep in touch with some of Parma players of our hearts. Like old friends of an ex girlfriend: maybe we don’t talk each other but they was never forgotten.

List is just an incomplete draft at the moment and regards just official public accounts.

To add a missing one, write us!

At this link you will find UPDATED LIST:


📷 Instagram

🐦 Twitter

📲 Facebook (Page)

👻 Snapchat


📷 @adrianoimperador

Matias Almeyda

📷 @peladoalmeyda

Faustino Asprilla

📷 @eltinoasprilla

🐦 @TinoasprillaH

Dino Baggio

📷 @dinobaggiofficial

Antonio Benarrivo

📷 @benarrivo_3

Alain Boghossian

📷 @boghossianalain14

Tomas Brolin

📷 @tomasbrolin11

🐦 @tomasbrolin11

Fabio Cannavaro

📷 @fabiocannavaroofficial

Benito Carbone

📷 @bennycarbo10

Francesco Corapi

📷 @cicciocz85

Hernan Crespo

📷 @hernancrespo

🐦 @Crespo

Sebastien Frey

📷 @sebafrey

🐦 @SebastienFrey

Sebastian Giovinco

📷 @sebagiovincoofficial

Alessandro Lucarelli

📷 @ale6lucarelli

🐦 @criale1991

Marco Marchionni

📷 @marcomarchionni

Domenico Morfeo

📷 @domenico_morfeo

Roberto Mussi

📷 @roby.mussi

Marco Osio

📷 @osiomarco

Cristian Rodriguez

📷 @cristiancebollarodriguez

Giuseppe Rossi

📷 @beppe787

Cristian Zaccardo

📷 @cristianzaccardo

Kristaps Zommers

📷 @kristaps_z

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