Season Review 2017/2018 – Episode 5

Football, like life, is a story to tell and our story, in last three years, IS the football.

We do it from fans to fans: even if translation is rough we are sure you will appreciate it anyway.

+++ this is a non professional and free translation made from the original post on Parma Calcio 1913 official website that you can find at this link


EPISODE 5 – “The New Year”

Trip into 2017/18 season restart with hew year beginning and like every season, there are new team mates from winter transfer market.

This market see a really active Parma Calcio. Forward Alessio Da Cruz arrive from Novara and in press conference he explains that; “This is a big club with a great history, so I’m proud to be part of it”. He will not be the only new purchase. With him also Armando Anastasio from Carpi. Antonio Junior Vacca from Foggia, Marcello Gazzola from Sassuolo (for him it will be a coming back since he played in Parma young team “Parma is the team of my heart, I’ll give all myself”) and Amato Ciciretti, from Benevento.

Meanwhile the group is preparing league restart on 20th January in Cremona. In Tardini there is Livorno for a friendly match: 2-1 for Crusaders.

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On 20th January league is back. In Cremona we have a good start but in the end Cremonese score the winning goal. Is Frattali to keep the moral high: “Since tomorrow we roll up our sleeves to think about next match in Tardini against Novara”.

One week later Novara arrives in Tardini: ” I want that team win, putting the right determination to do it”, so D’Avesa says in Collecchio press conference. He will be satisfied. Parma will make a personality performance , winning 3-0. First to score is Captain in first half, then Calaiò on penalty, then Scavone in the second half. “We gave a strong signal , we are here and always go into the pitch with the will to win”. So Siligardi, one of best of the match, explains.

In Brescia we loose 2-1. Anyway the good news is return to goal by Fabio Ceravolo, for the temporary 1-1. An important goal, at least for forward moral, that suffered for an injury against Virtus Entella and had a stop. His coming back was faster than supposed: “Mine was a return to goal, but the great regret is that we lost this match since the group mission is the most important one. Anyway this personal good news makes me happy, because I had three hard months. I take this chance to thank all the people that gave me their support and expecially physiotherapists and all Parma medical staff”. he tells.

“La Belva”  unlocked and give us a great help in next game, when in Ennio Parma waits for Perugia. Former Parma player Alberto Cerri scores under Curva Nord the temporary 0-1 and he don’t exult. Crusaders don’t give up and and find the draw by penalty with second straight Ceravolo goal: 1-1. Society decides for a retreat in Collecchio.

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