Season Review – Epilogue

Football, like life, is a story to tell and our story, in last three years, IS the football.

We do it from fans to fans: even if translation is rough we are sure you will appreciate it anyway.

+++ this is a non professional and free translation made from the original post on Parma Calcio 1913 official website that you can find at this link  +++

EPISODE 8 (Epilogue) – “Noboby never like us”

On 12nd may parma awaits for Bari, that could be last home match of the season. Cesena lost can be lethal for players moral: “After Cesena we were disappointed, until 5 minutes to the end we were winning a fundamental match: like I told to guys, as delusion pass, we have to think that we did something great, i wanted to focus on positive aspects: if three games before the end of the season we are about to play such important match it was their worth”, Mister D’Aversa says before the match.
We win 1-0: Gagliolo is the scorer. “We still believe in it. I’m sure that on Friday Foggia will make his match, trying to bring some points to home. We have to go to Spezia, win and believe” our defender motivate the team.

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On 17 may D’Aversa arrives in Collecchio for last press conference of regular season: “We have to do our best, be satisfied and proud of what we did, with a great desire to do it well till the end”.
On 18 we step the pitch of Picco in La Spezia. We have to win and hope that Frosinone in his home will not beat Foggia.
We know everything of that night, after 10 minutes Crusaders go forward with Ceravolo. In the second half Ciciretti, that scores his first oral with our colors. Meanwhile Foggia go forward in Frosinone then takes two goals for the temporary 2-1. When the match is about to finish Foggia draw. Spezia game ends but we have to wait until the end of Frosinone match.
Do you remember how is goes, right?
Parma Calcio is back to Serie A,oh yessss!

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Party continues all night long with the arrival of the tema in Piazza Garibaldi. Party will go on several days, because the target we reach is historical: Parma is first italian team ever got three straight promotions.
On Sunday 27th may in Tardini there is the great embrace with all the fans: there are all the protagonists of last promotion plus more that in previous years contributed to this triple jump. Most emotional moment of the whole night was when the trait d’union of this mission step the stage: The Captain. He has something really important to say: “Believe me, I say this with a huge knot of fear in my throat and with my heart that screams: I am proud of being part of your history, of being Captain of this team, of wearing this wonderful shirt, of being Alessandro Lucarelli, one of yours.”
Lucarelli leaves played football and Parma calcio pull back his number 6. The circle close. And now a new season and a new adventure is waiting for us.

Season Review – Episode 7

Football, like life, is a story to tell and our story, in last three years, IS the football.

We do it from fans to fans: even if translation is rough we are sure you will appreciate it anyway.

+++ this is a non professional and free translation made from the original post on Parma Calcio 1913 official website that you can find at this link +++

EPISODE 7 – “Until I’ll live”

Coming back from Avelino, Parma in awaited by the match against Palermo that was postponed because of snow. Match is a real head to head and crusaders put all their chances to… a palermitan; Emanuele Calaiò. It is an hat trick fo Arciere, and so we can keep Rosanero distant (in last minutes they are about to drop).”It has been a wonderful night, with an hat trick and a great victory, This three points are heavy, conquered against a strong team. This success give us confidence and serenityusefull for next two matches in Tardini” so Calaiò explains at the end of the match after posing for a picture with the hattrick ball.


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“There has been a continuous growth, after Empoli the group get united and I think that the basis is to give few chances to opponents, that doesn’t means to be defensive but that if we can go forward we should bring the victory till the end. Self esteem grew, working and playing with serenity things are easier” explains D’Aversa next Friday. Next match againis another head to head, this time against Frosinone in Tardini. And it is another, really important success. Calaiò by penalty misses the gola. Parma doesn’t leave and keep attacking: Di Gaudio with two goals close the matching the first half: “Even if we failed the penalty, we never gave up. We said ourselves in the pitch we couldn’t give up because it was fundamental, against such a team like Frosinone, to score first and keep ahead till the end”, says Crusader n° 20.

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Third straight home match is against Cittadella. There is a lot of enthusiasmaroind the group , that is not just running for play-off but also for a second place that could mean direct promotion. Enthusiasm that leak out from a new song that averybody sings…

Against Cittadelle is 0-0:  Their goalkeeper, that was the man of the match, was determination. Result is false in respect to what we did in the game, We deserved to win” so Mister D’Aversa in Tardini’s press conference. There is not a lot of time to stop thinking or recriminate: on Monday, in Ascoli, we have to play against a tema that have to fight for staying in serie B. Parma immediately scores with a fireball by Calaiò that means three points in a really important moment, like Iacoponi explains: ” we are a united group, where who get in instead of injuried do it well. Everyone is important. This is a really important aspect for our run to serie A. Serie B is a long league, with many matches in the middle of the week. It si good that who played less until now, take his chance to mark the difference, as it is happening”. GIPHY

Positive moment continue next league day; on 21st April in Tardini we beat Carpi 2-1 with Barillà two goals. Worst news are the injuries for Lucarelli and Munari: ” I am really happy, because the team reached three points we were looking for. We are sorry for two injuries to Alessandro and Gianni. This victory is dedicated to them” tells Nino at the end of the match.

In Verceli we lost 1-0. D’Aversa doesn’t want to see moral crash: “All we have to do is to work for solving problems, pass obstacles and keep doing what we are doing. Today first half performance have to be a bad moment we want to leave behind our way”. Agaist Ternana on 1st may we take again three points. Hero of the match is “la Belva”, that scores the first goal and then so suggest the second: GIPHY

Enthusiasm is again high and when next week in Cesena Ceravolo propitiate an own goal everything seems going in the right way, But then in Manuzzi we leave three points, with Cesena that win in the last minutes.

There are two more games in the regular season. And then maybe, It will happen…

Season Review 2017/2018 – Episode 6

Football, like life, is a story to tell and our story, in last three years, IS the football.

We do it from fans to fans: even if translation is rough we are sure you will appreciate it anyway.

+++ this is a non professional and free translation made from the original post on Parma Calcio 1913 official website that you can find at this link +++

EPISODE 6 – “Sliding Doors”

On Friday 16th February the team leaves Collecchio technical centre direct to Empoli. If it is true that every season has a turning point,  away match in Castellani is our one. Parma loose 0-4: D’Aversa, after the match, is clear: ” we are sad, we have to shut up and work.” then in press conference he speaks about our targets: ” what makes me trust in the future is that in difficult moments we always made good things. Now everything is painted black , we miss some certainties , but I ask to guy to thing only about tomorrow match not considering what happened”.

In Ennio against Venezia we draw 1-1. Gagliolo take the post in the first half, Venezia in the secondo half go forward with Firenze, then is Calaiò to score the draw by penalty. Scozzarella says: “I never stop to trust on our reacting power. I live daily with my team mates and I know our personality skills, we train well. We are hard working guys.”

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There is a lot to work on, because next Monday we have match in Salerno. Parma do his best wining 0-1 with the first gal od Dei. This is a performance in which less seen players had chances to step the pitch, as D’aVersa underlines: “Happiness for a trainers is to see in the pitch players like Frediani or Anastasio, that had few chances but that work hard day by day, and this is a prize for their dedication… like Vacca too, it was not easy to get in in such a difficult match and do it well”.

Northern Italy is covered by snow so 3rd march Parma-Parlermo is not played.

So we step to next week: match in Pescara. We win 1-4. Calaiò scores first (his 100 giola in Serie B) then Ceravolo, Gagliolo and Scavone.

Arciere has special dedication for it: “Dedication for the 100° goal in serie B should be a lot to do. To my family and my sons but today I want to dedicate my  thoughts to Davide Astori and his family. We are all disarranged for what happened to Astori. This goal, this victoryI want to dedicate to him. Even if I did not knew him, he is part of us.” On 17th march Parla lost in Chiavari: 2-0 for Virtus Entella. Crusaders have to turn to they mental and physical energies. Once again D’Aversa spurs his guys: “I await for a pride performance against Foggia”. Before going back home, there is a good new from Parma family: young Crusaders are doing it good in Torneo di Viareggio. After pass the round, on 21st march they eliminate Milan on penalties, and goalkeeper Adorni stops two of them,

Guys pass also the next round against Veneia and arrives – against all bets – to semifinals, where they lost against Inter, trophy winner. On 25th march we wait for Foggia in Tardini, Parma have to react and we do it: 3-1. It is not an say match: Foggia is in ten men but scores at the end of the first half; Parma in the end win thanks to Calaiò, Siligardi (first goal with our colors) and Ceravolo. In Avellino Parma looks for confirmations and find them: on 29th march Crusaders win 1-2 with Gagliolo and Barillà goals n first 8 minutes.

Season Review 2017/2018 – Episode 5

Football, like life, is a story to tell and our story, in last three years, IS the football.

We do it from fans to fans: even if translation is rough we are sure you will appreciate it anyway.

+++ this is a non professional and free translation made from the original post on Parma Calcio 1913 official website that you can find at this link


EPISODE 5 – “The New Year”

Trip into 2017/18 season restart with hew year beginning and like every season, there are new team mates from winter transfer market.

This market see a really active Parma Calcio. Forward Alessio Da Cruz arrive from Novara and in press conference he explains that; “This is a big club with a great history, so I’m proud to be part of it”. He will not be the only new purchase. With him also Armando Anastasio from Carpi. Antonio Junior Vacca from Foggia, Marcello Gazzola from Sassuolo (for him it will be a coming back since he played in Parma young team “Parma is the team of my heart, I’ll give all myself”) and Amato Ciciretti, from Benevento.

Meanwhile the group is preparing league restart on 20th January in Cremona. In Tardini there is Livorno for a friendly match: 2-1 for Crusaders.

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On 20th January league is back. In Cremona we have a good start but in the end Cremonese score the winning goal. Is Frattali to keep the moral high: “Since tomorrow we roll up our sleeves to think about next match in Tardini against Novara”.

One week later Novara arrives in Tardini: ” I want that team win, putting the right determination to do it”, so D’Avesa says in Collecchio press conference. He will be satisfied. Parma will make a personality performance , winning 3-0. First to score is Captain in first half, then Calaiò on penalty, then Scavone in the second half. “We gave a strong signal , we are here and always go into the pitch with the will to win”. So Siligardi, one of best of the match, explains.

In Brescia we loose 2-1. Anyway the good news is return to goal by Fabio Ceravolo, for the temporary 1-1. An important goal, at least for forward moral, that suffered for an injury against Virtus Entella and had a stop. His coming back was faster than supposed: “Mine was a return to goal, but the great regret is that we lost this match since the group mission is the most important one. Anyway this personal good news makes me happy, because I had three hard months. I take this chance to thank all the people that gave me their support and expecially physiotherapists and all Parma medical staff”. he tells.

“La Belva”  unlocked and give us a great help in next game, when in Ennio Parma waits for Perugia. Former Parma player Alberto Cerri scores under Curva Nord the temporary 0-1 and he don’t exult. Crusaders don’t give up and and find the draw by penalty with second straight Ceravolo goal: 1-1. Society decides for a retreat in Collecchio.

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Parma Calcio 1913 on InstragramTV


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It is bit late, we know, the “Bomber Day” was yesterday but we already celebrated on our social channels (if you still are not connected you can find us on Facebook page “Parma Fans Worldwide” and Facebook group “Parma Fans Worldwide – Facebook Network” and on Twitter) Marcio Amoroso, Hernan Crespo, Alberto Gilardino and Gianfranco Zola, that all had birthday yesterday.

What we didn’t do was reporting that Parma Calcio is also on InstagramTV and that celebrated #happybomberday with a great video so, if you have an Instagram account, check this link out!


Season Review 2017/2018 – Episode 4

Football, like life, is a story to tell and our story, in last three years, IS the football.
We do it from fans to fans: even if translation is rough we are sure you will appreciate it anyway.

+++ this is a non professional and free translation made from the original post on Parma Calcio 1913 official website that you can find at this link

EPISODE 4 – “Crusaders and the Dragon”

After three straight victories in October against Virtus Entella, Foggia and Avellino, Parma run is stopped for a day in Frosinone. In this head to head match we loose 2-1, but we come back home with the certainty to be strong group, able to react in difficult situations. In first half we go down 2-0, then we score and in the second half in many occasions we are close to draw. It ends 2-1: ” We have to restart from second half and keep working” so said at the end of the match on of senators, Gianni Munari.
As already happened, guys find energy to restart. Next week a new away match, in Cittadella home. Not such an easy match, that see Crusaders take advantage with Calaiò in first half and see Cittadella draw in the second, fifteen minutes before the end of the match. But Parma is there and at the end of a beautiful scheme, Calaiò scores against the goal that allow us to leave Tombolato Stadium with 3 points. GIPHYOn Saturday 18th November we have Ascoli in Tardini but before that it is time for a long waited, important and historical announcement: Jiang Lizhang is the new Parma Calcio 1913 president. Announcement was made on 15th november and one day later Lizhang present himself and the group to the city in a press conference in Tardini: ” Fortunately we don’t start from zero, Parma managers did a great job in last two years , and created concrete basis for club future. We have a great technical and managerial team. My entrance in the society doesn’t mean that I will make a revolution in a strong identity team like Parma, but we want to write a new chapter in club history”. Explain this and other things the new president.

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“I had the chance to speak with new president and I am really glad he arrived: I totally trust him, italian property is strongly linked with the team and the city and this choice was made for Parma right.” So D’Aversa declares at the eve of game against Ascoli that we win 4-0. Match confirm strength of our defense not just concerning taken goals but also scored if we thing that is Iacoponi to score the first goal of the game. And then there is Frattali that, when we are 2-0, stop a penalty: “I’m happy because I contribute to the final result since last minutes could be more suffering. Our thought is to win every match without thinking about others, keep standing down to earth.” Crusaders number 1 warn.
In Carpi we loose 2-1. Landlords score promptly then Parma react with insigne but it is not enough to draw. “A stop we have to forget” so Mister says. Another time the reaction come: next week we win against Pro Vercelli 3-0. Crusaders close the match in the second half with two close goals of Insigne and Scavone, before Corapi one and his run under Curva Nord. This is also the debut match of Frediani: “I’m enjoying this moment together with my mates, that have always been supporting me”.

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So it begin last month of 2017 and the first half of the league. To start winning again Parma will have to wait the new year: four straight draw, three of them 0-0. In Terni it ends 1-1: Di Gaudio with a kick from far scores one of most beautiful goal of the season, but then Ternana draw: “We tried to win, but we didn’t reach. This is anyway a good draw on a difficult pitch” So the palermitan says after the match. GIPHY

The year is closed with three points in three matches: in Bari and in Tardini against Cesena and Spezia it ends 0-0. While society is about to announce some new arrivale in the transfer market, the team stop few days for winter break that will last until 20th of January.

Parmagiani 9th Anniversary and Football Away

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If you are a Facebook member you maybe already know about them or have some of their members in your contacts.
Parmagiani Indonesia is probably the bigger organized Parma fans community outside Italy. They are organized in every town in Indonesia and every year have a National Gathering (next one will be on 25th november).

On sunday 15th of july they have organized a day of celebration in Malerb Olympic Center in Cianjur for the 9th anniversary of the group.
There will also be a football fellowship match and hope that we can soon show you some picture of the event.

Well done, Parmagiani!



Season Review 2017/2018 – Episode 3

Football, like life, is a story to tell and our story, in last three years, IS the football.

We do it from fans to fans: even if translation is rough we are sure you will appreciate it anyway.

+++ this is a non professional and free translation made from the original post on Parma Calcio 1913 official website that you can find at this link +++

EPISODE 3 – “Last lost in Tardini”

Parma come back from Venice with three important points and on 29th september night match plays against Salernitana. Crusaders starts well, very well. At the end of the first half we have scored two goals with defencders: Di Cesare at 17° and Lucarelli at 33°. But in the second half our opponents grow. Sprocari reopen the match and then, in seven minutes, from 71°and 78° we loose two players: Di Cesare and iacoponi are sent out with red card, then Vitale draw on penalty. Parma defends and at the end is one point. “We throw away a match that we dominated in the first half and for being too presumptuous and having a bad attitude in the second half. After the break we came back too lifeless and we can’t allow this” so Captain Lucarelli warn.
We need the right pressure also because next match is on Palermo pitch, one of most difficult away matches of the season. Rosanero show immediately their intentions, leading the match with La Gumina after ten minutes. Crusaders draw with Gagliolo at 70° with a head shot. Gagliolo scores also at the end of the match but the referee declare void the goal: it ends 1-1. “After the draw, in the pitch we had the feeling that we could win the match. We attacked a lot and had our chances” so explains Riccardo Gagliolo after the final whistle.

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Home match with Pescara will be historical in his own way: it will be last home defeat of the season. Parma can’t know that and, by the way, after the Brugman joke five minutes before the end of the match, in press conference AD Luca Carra says: “I saw a team that played and that improved compared with last matches. All together we hav to get out this situation”.
Call to unity, in addition to a renewed trust in D’Aversa, gives good effects with three straight victories, that relaunch classification and moral. We start with Virtus Entella. 21st October will be a three points evening but it opens with Ceravolo injury: forward was back since the beginning but after 28 minutes he have to leave the pitch. Crusaders plays also for the teammate and, again, is the Captain to let us lead the match: first half we are 0-1. Lupi draw but in the final Calaiò and Insigne score: 1-3 ! GIPHY
Foggia will be next week match and it will be a good match: 0-3 with Gagliolo, Insigne and Calaiò. Insigne 0-2 goal is most important of the match and one of most beautiful of the season: “We started a growin program, tonight we continued what we beginned to do in past days. It is a long way journey, we already played one hour great football against Salernitana, coming here in such an important stadium with such a hot tifosi and making this performance is synonymous of personality”, Mister D’Aversa is satisfied.

It is Avellino then: 2-0. Di Gaudio, at his first goal with our colors, then Insigne, third straight goal of the season in last minutes like against Virtus Entella. “We closed very well this three matches. Surely we were not bad when we lost and now we are not phenomenals. We need continuity and play every match like this with concentration and determination. Just acting this way we can get satisfaction”. This is Di Gaudio comment.

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“Different stories, same passion”

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