Parmagiani 9th Anniversary and Football Away

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If you are a Facebook member you maybe already know about them or have some of their members in your contacts.
Parmagiani Indonesia is probably the bigger organized Parma fans community outside Italy. They are organized in every town in Indonesia and every year have a National Gathering (next one will be on 25th november).

On sunday 15th of july they have organized a day of celebration in Malerb Olympic Center in Cianjur for the 9th anniversary of the group.
There will also be a football fellowship match and hope that we can soon show you some picture of the event.

Well done, Parmagiani!



Season Review 2017/2018 – Episode 3

Football, like life, is a story to tell and our story, in last three years, IS the football.

We do it from fans to fans: even if translation is rough we are sure you will appreciate it anyway.

+++ this is a non professional and free translation made from the original post on Parma Calcio 1913 official website that you can find at this link +++

EPISODE 3 – “Last lost in Tardini”

Parma come back from Venice with three important points and on 29th september night match plays against Salernitana. Crusaders starts well, very well. At the end of the first half we have scored two goals with defencders: Di Cesare at 17° and Lucarelli at 33°. But in the second half our opponents grow. Sprocari reopen the match and then, in seven minutes, from 71°and 78° we loose two players: Di Cesare and iacoponi are sent out with red card, then Vitale draw on penalty. Parma defends and at the end is one point. “We throw away a match that we dominated in the first half and for being too presumptuous and having a bad attitude in the second half. After the break we came back too lifeless and we can’t allow this” so Captain Lucarelli warn.
We need the right pressure also because next match is on Palermo pitch, one of most difficult away matches of the season. Rosanero show immediately their intentions, leading the match with La Gumina after ten minutes. Crusaders draw with Gagliolo at 70° with a head shot. Gagliolo scores also at the end of the match but the referee declare void the goal: it ends 1-1. “After the draw, in the pitch we had the feeling that we could win the match. We attacked a lot and had our chances” so explains Riccardo Gagliolo after the final whistle.

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Home match with Pescara will be historical in his own way: it will be last home defeat of the season. Parma can’t know that and, by the way, after the Brugman joke five minutes before the end of the match, in press conference AD Luca Carra says: “I saw a team that played and that improved compared with last matches. All together we hav to get out this situation”.
Call to unity, in addition to a renewed trust in D’Aversa, gives good effects with three straight victories, that relaunch classification and moral. We start with Virtus Entella. 21st October will be a three points evening but it opens with Ceravolo injury: forward was back since the beginning but after 28 minutes he have to leave the pitch. Crusaders plays also for the teammate and, again, is the Captain to let us lead the match: first half we are 0-1. Lupi draw but in the final Calaiò and Insigne score: 1-3 ! GIPHY
Foggia will be next week match and it will be a good match: 0-3 with Gagliolo, Insigne and Calaiò. Insigne 0-2 goal is most important of the match and one of most beautiful of the season: “We started a growin program, tonight we continued what we beginned to do in past days. It is a long way journey, we already played one hour great football against Salernitana, coming here in such an important stadium with such a hot tifosi and making this performance is synonymous of personality”, Mister D’Aversa is satisfied.

It is Avellino then: 2-0. Di Gaudio, at his first goal with our colors, then Insigne, third straight goal of the season in last minutes like against Virtus Entella. “We closed very well this three matches. Surely we were not bad when we lost and now we are not phenomenals. We need continuity and play every match like this with concentration and determination. Just acting this way we can get satisfaction”. This is Di Gaudio comment.

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Season Review 2017/2018 – Episode 2

Football, like life, is a story to tell and our story, in last three years, IS the football.

We do it from fans to fans: even if translation is rough we are sure you will appreciate it anyway.

+++ this is a non professional and free translation made from the original post on Parma Calcio 1913 official website that you can find at this link +++

EPISODE 2 – “United in difficulties”

Meantime transfer market close and Parma Calcio have time to do the last strike: Fabio Ceravolo, known as “la Belva” (the Beast, ndt) arrives from Benevento: “I chose this team because my flame have always to stand switched on. When you hear Parma is interested in you, you can not regret…”

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After victorious match in Tardini for Crusaders comes first away match, against Novara. In Collecchio, on 2nd September, it is the day of the debut of… the new official Bus, driven by historical driver Aldo. Before leaving to Piedmont, D’Aversa takes stock of the situation in press conference: “We passed the first obstacle, now we have to try doing the best possible in other 41 that still miss to the end. Pressures don’t have to worry, but encourage us. Our will, in this season, is to do our best. It will be clearly fundamental to keep balance when difficulties will come. We could pass obstacles on our way only thinking with serenity to daily work”.
Also second obstacle is passed: on 3rd September Parma beat Novara. Crusaders, that play in Piola Stadium for the first time in the season with third red kit (and still without sponsorship, but will arrive soon) win 0-1. He will be Antonino Barillà to score the winning goal from a corner scheme. It is such an important and difficult victory for Parma, considering that Novara got one post for half time with Ronaldo and Macheda: “We fought on every ball until the end. The goal, that I dedicate to my daughter, it is the proof of weekly work of everybody. So, this is not a victory in the sign of Barillà, but in the sign of Parma Calcio, that fought until 90° bringing back three points” so explains the midfielder after the match.


Parma, after two matches won, on third day come back to Tardini against Brescia. D’Aversa says: “We don’t have to undervalue this match, they have really good young players. It will be a more difficult match than the two before”. The rain comes to mess things, on 10th September a big storm pass over Parma and it is difficult to play, especially in second half. Parma vs Brescia is one of that matches in which who scores first, win. And Brescia do that, at 59° with Ferrante.
“We are sad not to neither draw. Field was unplayable, anyway we should have conquer at least a draw. In the first half we made the match and tried to do what we trained for, arriving to score” will explain at the end Iacoponi.

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Ransom doesn’t arrive soon. After first seasonal defeat, two more will come. In Perugia, in second away match of the season it ends 0-3: Han in the first half and Bonaiuto scores two goals in the second half: “Difference was made by determination in doing things, we did not win a tackle in the first half. At the beginning of the match wwe had two chances to score, but I didn’t like at all determination, that completely lack.” Explains D’Aversa after the match.
Other home match, other defeat: now is Empoli to beat us. On 19th september we lost in Tardini 1-2: Tuscans forward with Caputo, then Captain Lucarelli draws. Joy is short because Simic scores again for Empoli. Lucarelli talks: “Best medicine is daily hard work, with humilty and with desire to get out this moment. But we have to go there with the desire to make good result. Attitude, hunger and spite are important to win”.
It is not a simple moment: after two victories, three defeats in five matches, and on 23rd September we go in Penzo Stadium against Venezia, rival in Lega Pro in the past season. “We have to make the pitch talk and get out this difficult moment” explains D’Aversa. And the pitch says that getting out of difficulties is possible, standing united. match is not easy, Neroverdi led by Pippo Inzaghi are well organized.


Parma wants victory and Di Cesare scores from a corner kicked by Scozzarella: 0-1 for us.”Today it was important to restart, after tre defeats. In past season, at one period, Benevento lost seven matches, then was promoted to Serie A”. So “Emperor” Di Cesare said at the end of the match. A prophecy?

Season Review 2017/2018 – Episode 1

Football, like life, is a story to tell and our story, in last three years, IS the football.
We do it from fans to fans: even if translation is rough we are sure you will appreciate it anyway.
+++ this is a non professional and free translation made from the original post on Parma Calcio 1913 official website that you can find at this link +++

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New season will see us again in Serie A. While Crusaders are on holiday, waiting for new season to start, let’s taste again the emotions of Serie B 2017/18 league. This is the first Episode of “Season Review”.
Our long travel to Serie A began in the second half of July 2017, when in Collecchio started the pre-seasonal retreat. Medical visits, presentations and first training of new players (Frediani, Barillà, Siligardi and Pinto, for example), then it is time to leave to Pinzolo, Trentino, for the retreat.Before leaving, Roberto D’Aversa speaks with press: “We start with enthusiasm, we have great desire to satisfy our fans. Now we start from this group and from his enthusiasm, that also in Florence final demonstrated his greatness”.
On 20th July the team, under D’Aversa coaching, started the training. after three days, on 23rd, Crusaders play first friendly match of the season: 14-0 to Pieve di Bono, first goal scored by Iacoponi. In Pinzolo arrive two new players: Dezi and Insigne, both from Napoli.

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More matches follow like 12-0 to Settaurense and 4-0 to Dro, in Pinzolo arrive also Gagliolo and Di Gaudio, so 1st august Crusaders finish the retreat and go back to Collecchio, to follow with trainings two days later.
First official match is Coppa Italia second round against Bari. In San Nicola we lost 2-1: Crusaders go forward with a Calaiò penalty but Bari remount and kick us out of the competition. D’Aversa said: “I’m pretty satisfied of our performance, not of the result”.
After this match Crusaders plays two more friendlies against bigger opponents like Fiorentina (0-0) on 13 August and Empoli (1-1). Team is ready for the debut: two years after the societary renaissance, Parma Calcio 1913 starts the Serie B league. First one is a home match against Cremonese: “There is desire to start tomorrow. We’re honored to be the first in doing it opening the league, Parma is an historical team. Surely it will be emotional, tomorrow, the championship debut. I hope that my team will step the pitch fighting on every tackle, because i think that passion and belonging feeling of our tifosi deserve it” so spoke Mister D’Aversa.
On 25th august we debut in the league and we do it in the best way: winnning. Victory goal is scored by Calaiò, again on penalty, like in Coppa Italia in the beginning of august.

Calaiò explain: “Help the team for me is the most important thing, giving my experience in the category. Fortunately with this goal I restarted from where I left last year. Our mission is to keep united and not take goals, looking for scoring first”.Second episode will follow…

thAnks, first of all


The season is about to officially start with Prato allo Stelvio retreat, but we have to stop a minute to think about this incredible three years we just lived from the failure to the coming back to serie A with three straight promotions.

We have to say “thank you” to all the players, managers, trainers that are part of Parma Calcio 1913 or have been in last three years. Thanks to all the supporters that followed the team even in serie D and even in bad times.

In Parma there is that “kind of magic” that is not easy to explain to who is not a supporter. Our mission is to show that to everyone that would like to get closer to Crusaders passion.

Parma is not like other places. Parma Calcio is not like other teams.

Join us and you will discover it.


“Different stories, same passion”

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