Happy Birthday, all time Captain



He was with us when we came back to serie A.

He was with us when we conquered Europa League.

He was with us when we changed four presidents in a season.

He was with us in courthouse.

He was with us when we were alone, even if HE was alone.

He was with us in Arzignano.

He was with us when we conquered Lega Pro.

He was with us in two winning derby.

He was with us in last penalty against Pordenone.

He was with us in La Spezia.

He was with us when we went back were we deserve to be.

Happy Birthday, all time Captain, by Parma Fans Worldwide.

Parma in Coppa Italia

From: http://www.parmacalcio1913.com

Coppa Italia schedule was confirmed yesterday. Parma will play on 11st or 12nd August with Cremonese, Triestina or Pisa, depending on the results of previous rounds. In fact, the winner between Triestina and Pisa will play against Cremonese. We will play against the winner of this match in a single match in Tardini.

Here you can find complete schedule:

From: http://www.parmacalcio1913.com

The Captain, again

From: YouTube

Is Alessandro Lucarelli that face the camera talking about the attacks that Parma still suffers.

Interviewed by Sky Sport Italia, Parma new club manager, still acting Captain, about the situation says:

“In opposition to what seems from outside we are totally calm about this situation because as we use to say ‘do no evil and have no fear’. Our awareness is clean, as a team and as a society. We are in this trial because we have to but I think that all this it is almost ridiculous because we conquered promotion during the season.

They are riding this wave because they want to get benefit from it but if they wanted to be promoted then they should have demonstrated to deserve it on the pitch as we did. They now act like justice and truth defender when at least once in a week they are in front of a judge for extremely more serious care than ours. So, I have nothing to answer to this continuous attack we receive, I am still convinced that Justice will give us reason, unfortunately our promotion is bleamished because people just read headlines without deepen, anyway we all should laugh on all this situation.”

+++this is a non professional fan translation made from the video you find at this link:

https://youtu.be/GvlaTbw3lQo +++

About investigation

Since you probably heard about the investigation and certainly information you get are partial we would like to make a resume of what happened and what is about to happen.

To be clear: we are fans, not journalist or lawyers, and this is what we understood from this weird “italian” situation.

Before Parma- Spezia match Calaiò – only him, not Ceravolo- sent three Sms to a former team mate now playing in Spezia. These are the Sms

They sound like: 1) Hey Pippein, don’t break balls please my friend 2) Tell it also to Claudiein 3) Expecially for the knowledge you have with me. Then there should be another one in which he downplay.

Doing this is not allowed. Even if Dal Col did not answered, even if it was sort of kidding with a former teammate and friend, even if certainly the match was not combined for that. The point is that in Italy exist Responsabilità oggettiva that means that Parma Calcio 1913 is responsible for everything one of its player does h24, 7/7. That is why the prosecution is not only on Calaiò but also on society that, of course, is totally far from this case.

On 17th July the accusation asked for 4 year suspension for Calaiò (he is 37, so will close his professional carreer here) plus 50k euros fee, and minus 2 points in past season for Parma Calcio (that would mean lost of the second place and direct promotion in the league) or minus 6 points in next season in serie A.

All of us thought the same thing: with 2 points less Parma will end at third place so, how the hell can they replay Playoff? They will relegate a team that conquered at least playoff without let play them? It is weird. We don’t know what to expect but it is weird.

In addiction to all this there are some strange points: Dal Col that received the watsup messages never said they considered it illicit but they just reported it to their society, Spezia, that did not denounced but just communicate it to Procura. Spezia communication arrived in Procura on 14th may but the investigation started on 4th June! What they waited for? If they didn’t start the investigation properly why they decided to do it later once playoff already started?

Now, probably before Saturday, the judge will decide on it. After that for sure Parma will go on with other grades do judgement to go out completely clean like it is from all this and will also decide if recoup losses with its player Calaiò. We will see.

The sure things are that Parma Calcio never fixed matches. Don’t stop to press titles made just to sell newspapers, read only official communications in. Parma is clean, society is clean and victim of all this weird situation. Calaiò made something wrong and will pay for it, we hope, the right penalty but not 4 years suspension like if he really fixed a match of sold it.

We are Parma, don’t forget. Don’t let anyone saying we are do it illegally, it is not us, that one.

If you want to discuss about it, look for our group Parma Fans Worldwide – Facebook Network on facebook or comment here.

Against all odds, by your side

Captain Alessandro Lucarelli – pic credit: gazzettadiparma.it

We choose this pic because it is representative.

It represents our recent history, it represents who we are, where we come from, what we can resist to.

All around – expecially by italian press – there is a mediatic process against Parma Calcio that is throwing mud against our colors. We don’t want to tell our opinion about a process that is running and that maybe – italian legal system is famous for his low timing – tomorrow will disclose our future. We will be patient and will wait in silence and in respect to the work of Justice even if it is important everybody knows that Parma and its fans deserve respect.

What we want to be clear to everybody is that Parma Fans Worldwide will be on the society side in any case. We conquered Serie A and we deserved it. “They” want us in Serie B? in Serie C? Serie D, probably to win other couple of derby against Reggiana? well, we will be there anyway like in last three years and like our Captain Alessandro Lucarelli teached us.

It is not a matter of fanatism, it is a matter of love.

When we restarted three years ago one of the mottos was “We are Parma”. This words are still effective: all of us, from Indonesia to Greece, from Iceland to Poland, Hungary, Balkans, England, Egypt, Brazil, everywhere… All of us have that words tattooed under the skin, even if we don’t have a membership card or if we have never been to Tardini in our life.

We will be by Parma Calcio side everywhere, in any case, against all odds.

#weareparma #thisisaparma

ps: to be clear, we deserve Serie A and we can’t wait to kick Juventus ass in Tardini ASAP 😉


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