The Plin



We started hear about “il Plin” during high school years.

Nobody really knew if he was just a legend or if he existed for real. Between us, he was a sort of superhero, like in that Schwarzenegger movie, Sboretor. In high school, when a bully was really oppressive, Plin ridicule him with an ironical writing on a wall. It didn’t work in stopping violence but, for a while, made us forget the shit around us.

Nobody never met him but he was there, defending the weaker with his irony.

We started believing that he was not alone, that he was a group of people that used irony as a weapon, to protect us from high school bullies, or from who made a bankrupt with an historical Crusader Serie A team we can’t mention here.

Year after year we all friends started WhatsApp groups inspired by him called “The Plin” where we posted satirical commentary on life’s fact, just to make a laugh during coffee break. I heard it happened the same also in other cities. Casualty wanted that his name was also onomatopoeia for the WhatsApp tone and this made it even more popular. “Plin” became soon synonymous for “ironical joke”: “eh eh, what a good Plin!” “I have to tell you the Plin I red on the newspaper, so fun”.

Point is that The Plin started messaging also on Parma stuff, and we would like you not to miss it. We decided to report every interesting Plin that we find around: please, be patient if our translation is not perfect.



We still don’t know if The Plin exist or not, if he is alive or where are they now (?!). We like to imagine a quiet accountant with Tom Selleck mustache in a small town that top up his wages with striptease and sometimes makes volunteering with Captain Lucarelli.

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Ps: Thanks to il Plin, by the heart.




Parma won Treble!


As predictable, as all of us knew, also Home kit is amazing. We can without any doubt confirm Parma won treble of football jersey now and forever with these three stunning Erreà piece of art.

To see the new home kit and order it here is the link:

To recap other kits look here.

Remember that we are available for giving all kind of help for advice for purchase and possibly, discounts.

Now we have just to wait for serie A to begin.


thAnks, again


It is not the first time you read this post but it is so important for us we prefer to be even boring.

The season is about to officially start with our coming back to Serie A. On Sunday against Udinese it will be emotional, despite the result. It doesn’t matter.

We have to stop a minute to think about this incredible three years we just lived from the failure to the coming back to serie A with three straight promotions.

We have to say “thank you” to all the players, managers, trainers that are part of Parma Calcio 1913 or have been in last three years. Thanks to all the supporters that followed the team even in serie D and even in bad times.

Stealing the words to a friend that we are about to introduce you: “Don’t tell to failed teams they will do like Parma. You know it is impossible”

In Parma there is that “kind of magic” that is not easy to explain to who is not a supporter. Our mission is to show that to everyone that would like to get closer to Crusaders passion, as we explained with the Hidden Crusader post.

Parma is not like other places. Parma Calcio is not like other teams.

Join us and you will discover it.


Thanks to Paolo Rossi for the chat and to Christian Palazzi for his post that we undeservedly copied.

Thanks to: Davide Ciotti, Antonio Cotticelli, Alioune Fall, Kristaps Zommers, Lorenzo Adorni, Alessio Agrifogli, Maikol Benassi, Luca Cacioli, Michele Messina, Giulio Mulas, Giacomo Ricci, Lorenzo Saporetti, Francesco Corapi, Davide Giorgino, Crocefisso Miglietta, Walter Rodriguez, Mousa Balla Sowe, Lorenzo Simonetti, Dimitar Traikov, Yves Baraye, Matteo Guazzo, Fabio Lauria, Cristian Longobardi FanPage, Pasquale Mazzocchi, Daniele Melandri, Marcello Sereni, Riccardo Musetti, Andrea Vignali, Michele Canini, Manuel Nocciolini, Simone Iacoponi, Gianni Munari, Matteo Scozzarella, Davide Mastaj, Desiderio Garufo, Valerio Di Cesare, Emanuele Calaiò l’arciere, Davide Sinigaglia, Leonardo Nunzella, Marijan Ćorić, Davide Bassi, Pierluigi Frattali, Mohamed Coly, Manuel Scavone, Felice Evacuo, Luigi Scaglia, Simone Edera, Antonio Vacca, Amato Ciciretti, Juan Manuel Ramos, Marco Frediani, Alessio da Cruz, Armando Anastasio, Antonino Barillà, Roberto Insigne, Antonio Di Gaudio, Michele Nardi, Marcello Gazzola, Luca Germoni, Luca Siligardi, Riccardo Gagliolo, Andrea Dini, Fabio Ceravolo, Francisco Sierralta, Jacopo Dezi, Federico Adorni and above all, Captain Alessandro Lucarelli!

Three years ago



Today is exactly three years since Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images took this pic that is on Parma Calcio Facebook wall.

This was the second friendly match of new Parma Calcio 1913 in a village few kilometers from Parma: no official shirt on, some incredulous face, some determined. The Captain, of course, and some face we would learn to be used to: Ciccio Corapi, Lauria, Giorgino, Zommers, Cacioli… Boys of Curva Nord always there, everywhere.

We come from here.

Don’t forget it after the first, after the second, after the third match lost.

Thank you to Dario for making us remember this moment.

#weareparma #thisisparma

Best kit ever


The poll ended yesterday and the winner is, as predictable, Parma season 1998-99 kit by Lotto.

The Gialloblu shirt, worn by Crusaders during winning UEFA Cup Final in Moscow against Marseille is the best Parma kit ever for you, Parma Fans Worldwide followers.

If now you can’t resist here is the link to full match because highlights is for boys, full match is for men. 😉



It is not a case that Erreà, in 20th anniversary of that glorious victory, get inspired by that jersey to design the new away kit we all admired last week.

Now we can’t do more than wait for home kit.

2018/19 Erreà away kit –


pic from


Thank you again to Geo Edizioni and, the editor and the graphic designer of book “La maglia nel cuore. Parma, I colori della passione” by Carlo Fontanelli and Michele Tagliavini, that gave us the right to use their pictures for this poll.

All the infos about the book here.




How to follow Parma vs Pisa


Yes, we wrote “follow” for a reason: Coppa Italia match Parma vs. Pisa won’t be televised, unfortunately. Due to television rights neither Parma official channel can stream it. They will publish highlight during the night of Monday morning on official Parma Channels.

But, if you want to follow the match don’t lose heart, there is another option and for one time it can be fun too: Radio.

Yes, radio! Italian fans learned to get used to it in low leagues years and, believe us, it saved us many times from getting crazy updating some mobile app that never worked well.

Probably you can find radio commentary also on Rai Radio but we would like to suggest you Radio Bruno, the one that saved our lifes past years with full coverage of Parma matches by journalist Luca Bertelli.

Today Bertelli parmesan commentary will not be available but Radio Bruno will give Coppa Italia result updates form his Tuscany section on this link:

Radio Bruno Sport Toscana Streaming

Match will start at 830 CEST

We suggest you to remember the name because Radio Bruno will provide full radio commentary of all Parma Serie A matches. It will be a chance to get used to Italian language.

When you will come to Tardini you will already know Curva Nord songs.


Tardini is ready, and you?


credit to

If you are following us also on Facebook you already know – thanks to Canovi Coperture and Parma Calcio account – that works on Tardini are completed.

Tonight there will be first official match against Pisa and we can’t wait to see guys step new pitch on serie A again, next Sunday.

Look how beautiful it is, there is also a brand new screen!

To have a resume of all the works done you can recap reading this article on Parma official website.

Remember that if you want to come to see a match in Parma we will give you all the possible support, of course, for free. From fans to fans.

Just mail us at or send a message trough one of our Parma Fans Worldwide social channels.

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