Parma with no penalization?

Today is appeal day. Parma will present his formal answer to verdict that said we will start serie A with 5 points less.

Daily the court will decide about penalization in this season and Calaiò suspension.

In the better option Parma will have no penalization and Calaiò 6 months suspension.

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Parma Second Kit is WOW!


We are probably going straight to the best football kit trio ever made in history of football kits. Thank you to Erreà for their extraordinarywork and to Parma Calcio 1913 simply to exist.

After universally appreciated Black Phoenix, the third kit armor, perfect for Crusaders that have to defend Serie A category, second kit, as it happens in past years, reminds us the glory days. We know it is abroad fans favourite because we made a worldwide poll between 32 historical Parma jersey and 98-99 model is in Final. You have time until Sunday for vote the Facebook poll in collaboration with Geo Edizioni: here all the instructions.

To watch and order brand new second kit go to this link:

Remember that we are available for giving all kind of help for advice for purchase and possibly, discounts.

Now we impatiently wait for first kit. It will be white with black cross as all of us expect?

Meanwhile we strongly recommend you to have a look to Erreà kits that the brand realized for football teams worldwide. A part for well know Iceland National Team jersey, there are some important historical teams like QPR, FC United of Manchester, Granada, Pescara, and expecially great shirts!

HERE the complete list of Erreà sponsorship.





Second Kit is about to be announced

On 7th august at 6 pm CET second official Parma kit will be revealed.

Having a look to video presentation it will be horizontal stripped yellow and blue, one of our favorite kind.

On our Facebook Page is still going on the final poll to choose your favorite Parma jersey ever. One to two finalists is exactly this kind of shirt.

All the instruction about how to vote HERE.

Travelling Parmigiani: Dejan (and Hana) in Barcelona

Dejan is a long time fan and a proud bearer of our colors. He had so many great pics -even from Russia World Cup – we could open a “Travelling Dejan” section. We chose the most recent ones, from last trip to Barcelona with a Coric shirt on and together with another Parma fan, his daughter Hana.

Thanks Dejan, historical Boys Balkan member, in less than two weeks we will be in Tardini together!

It will be Coppa Italia derby (for Captain)

Pisa won against Cremonese after penalties the second round of Coppa Italia and will be Parma next opponent.

As you see Captain Lucarelli Facebook reaction for him it would be a special match since Pisa is huge historical rival of Livorno, the city were Ale was born and to which he is still strongly linked.

We are sure he is thinking how would it be to play this derby.

Your favourite Parma kit ever

credit to “La maglia nel cuore. Parma, I colori della passione” by Carlo Fontanelli and Michele Tagliavini, Geo edizioni and graphics project by Studio Makia srl


It is time to decide which is your favourite Parma kit ever before the season starts.

This time the poll will last one week and will end on 12nd august at 7 pm CET

The choice is between 1989-90 kit (that won against the historic 1919-20 crusader shirt) and well known 1998-99 stripped yellow and blue jersey (that defeated 1992-92 white kit)

How to vote? Go on our facebook Page and click on your favorite.

We present this game in collaboration with Geo Edizioni and, the editor and the graphic designer of fundamental two volumes archival book on all Parma kits since beginning to restart in Serie D:

La maglia nel cuore. Parma, I colori della passione” by Carlo Fontanelli and Michele Tagliavini, Geo edizioni and graphics project by Studio Makia srl

If you are interested in the book you can find it here and on Geo edizioni page. The suggestion is to write directly to them to for all the info or ask us, as usual, and will be your neutral intermediary.

You have  one week but don’t wait the last minute. Go to this link –  and vote!
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How to watch Parma – Sassuolo LIVE



Today in Carate Brianza (CO), Parma will play against Sassuolo and Folgore Caratese (Italian Serie D) Third edition of Sportitalia Cup in “Stadio XXV Aprile” in Carate Brianza (via XXV aprile, Carate Brianza – Google Maps link)

There will be three 45 minutes matches and all the matches will have about 30 minutes delay since at 630 pm there will be Folgore Caratese official team presentation for next season.

Matches will start at 630/7 pm with Folgore Caratese vs Sassuolo, then Parma vs Sassuolo at 730/8 pm and last match will be Folgore Caratese vs Parma around 9 pm (always CET).

Matches will be broadcasted by Sportitalia, well known italian sport channel and Folgore Caratese main sponsor, at this link,

This one will be our last friendly appointment with a free streaming transmission before the beginning of official season.

Don’t forget Parma when you are on holiday

polaroid mosaico.jpg


Season is about to officially start but we are still in the middle of the summer so… Travelling Parmigiani send us your picture with our colors!

In the first round we saw flags on the beach, marathon runners with Parma shirt, fans in Tardini. Thank you to all contributors.

You can see all the pic at this link and on Parma Fans Worldwide Official Instagram.

We need you!

Send your pic to

#weareparma #thisisparma

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