Watch Serie A in your country


To link  or this one you can discover which channels broadcast Parma (and other serie A) matches.

Thanks to Parma Fans Worldwide – Facebook Network group – thank you to all the guys who contributed – here is the list of where to, legally, watch Serie A in your country:

🇦🇹🇩🇪 Austria and Germany – DAZN

🇧🇦🇭🇷🇷🇸 Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia – Arena Sport

🇬🇷 Greece – Novasports

🇮🇸 Iceland – 365 Sport

Middle East – beIN sports

🇵🇱 Poland – Eleven sport

🇩🇰🇳🇴🇸🇪 Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden) –

🇸🇰 Slovenia: Šport TV

🇨🇭Swiss – Teleclub

🇬🇧 UK – Eleven Sports

[list to be updated]

We would like to remember you, if you prefer Parmesan Radio commentary, to download Radio Bruno App in Play Store and App Store for free where you can find the match transmission with Parma fan journalist Luca Bertelli:

Click on “more” button -> scroll to “sport” -> select “Parma”

Shirt numbers and social accounts

Here the list of shirt numbers for 2018/19 season and official social account of Parma players.

List will be updated in case of need.

📷 Instagram

🐦 Twitter

📲 Facebook (Page)

👻 Snapchat

1 – Pierluigi Frattali

📷 @gigifrattali1

2 – Simone Iacoponi

📷 @simone_iacoponi

3 – Federico Dimarco

📷 @federicodimarcoo

🐦 @FDimarco

5 – Leo Štulac

📷 @leostulac

7 – Alessio da Cruz

📷 @a97dacruz

8 – Alessandro Deiola

📷 @alessandrodeiola

9 – Fabio Ceravolo

📷 @cerobelva9

10 – Amato Ciciretti

📷 @amatociciretti

🐦 @ciciretti

📲 @AmatoCicirettiOfficialPage

11 – Gianni Munari

📷 @giannimunari11

13 – Francisco Sierralta

📷 @francisco_sierralta

🐦 @fcosierralta102

17 – Antonino Barillà

18 – Massimo Gobbi


🐦 @MassiGo18

20 – Antonio Di Gaudio

📷 @totodigaudio

21 – Matteo Scozzarella


22 – Bruno Alves

📷 @brunoralves2oficiall

23 – Marcello Gazzola

📷 @marcellogazzola23

🐦 @GazzolaMarcy26

26 – Luca Siligardi

📷 @lucasiligardi26

🐦 @Luca_sili_26

27 – Gervinho

📷 @gervinhofficial

🐦 @GervinhOfficial

📲 @Gervinho

28 – Riccardo Gagliolo

📷 @riccardogagliolo

32 – Luca Rigoni

📷 @rigoni_luca

🐦 @michel090591

33 – Jacopo Dezi

📷 @jacopodezi6

45 – Roberto Inglese

📷 @robertoingleseofficial

📲 @robertoingleseoff

54 – Andrea Di Maggio

55 – Luigi Sepe

📷 @luigisepe

56 – Fabrizio Bagheria

📷 @fabriziobagheria_brch

👻 baghe01

59 – Valerio Di Cesare

📷 @valerio_di_cesare

🐦 @dicest5

60 – Davide Mastaj

61 – Luigi Scaglia

📷 @gillibus8

64 – Federico Pelle

65 – Giovanni Pinto

67 – Sebastiano Longo

📷 @seb_longo10

70 – Antonio Vacca

📷 @antoniojuniorofficial

71 – Giuseppe Carriero

📷 @peppecarriero

72 – Emanuele Calaiò

77 – Jonathan Biabiany

📷 @biabianyreal

🐦 @jbiabiany

👻 biabiany7

88 – Alberto Grassi

📷 @al.grassi

93 – Mattia Sprocati

📷 @mattiasprocati

95 – Alessandro Bastoni

📷 @alessandrobastonii

🐦 @alebastoni95

99 – Yves Baraye

📷 @yvesbaraye23_officiel

We are still with Frambo

We told you already Frambo story in that episode with Cassano in this article “Where we come from” that also link to a fundamental article by Roger Paul Mitchell.

We told about a t-shirt sale for pediatric hospital fund raising. Well, to prove the truth of what we were talking about this is a picture taken in Tardini Tribuna Ovest with two kids wearing “I’m with Frambo” t-shirt on Sunday 19th night match against Udinese.

It is the proof that it was not a matter of ultras violence nor a personalistic “taking the scene”. It was a matter or humanity, a matter of a fan representative asking respect for a Curva, for a worldwide fans base, even for a whole town.

Fans in Parma knows it and not just Curva ones. Everybody should know.

We found the pic on Facebook- thanks to Cesare Frambati to let us publish here – but we saw these kids with our own eyes. And it was not the first time it happened even if more than three years passed from the episode. That episode, between others, represents our proud reaction to who hurt us.

#thisisparma #weareparma #iostocolframbo

Happy Birthday, Benny

Happy 50th birthday, Antonio Benarrivo.

We would like to greet you using words of a person that know you well, former president Fulvio Ceresini, surely more influential than ours:

“Today is Antonio Benarrivo birthday. It’s 50 years, 13 of them as protagonist in Parma Calcio, as Captain but not a Captain as others, a Symbol.

Thousand battles with no fear of nothing and nobody. All of us Parma fans will never get bored of thank you.

Happy birthday, Benny.

Fear of Gattuso? No way!”

Making first steps

Parma vs Udinese represents a milestone in PFW history. It was the first time we organized a meeting with abroad fans, in which we helped some of them to get tickets, in which some of them joined officially a Parma Club and used the membership card for discount in Tardini shop.

Little things for the most, important for us: the network is growing.

We met some fans from UK, Slovenia and Croatia in CCPC office, an historical place at Tardini gate, where some trophies are guarded. We made purchase in Official merchandise shop with 10% discount, join Official Parma Club Crociati Balkan member – born from historical Parma Boys Balkan Facebook group – to watch the match together, even meeting player after match for pictures signing.

A long day, ended with a coming back home in late night for someone, early morning for someone else.

Thanks to everybody, these are our first steps.

Maybe you can’t sleep (again)

Again, yes.

Thought we could but no. Maybe we are scared of awakening. And if all that was a dream? Awakening can be frustrating.

How many things today?

Drinking a coffee in front of Winners Cup, meeting people from abroad that we helped with tickets, got a scarf as gift from Angelo Manfredini, tie Crociati Balkan banner with Dejan, meeting players after match, driving home and discover that New York Times – NEW YORK TIMES – dedicated a reportage to Parma Calcio. To US.

There again after more or less 1000 days. Using Rory Smith words:

“There is a sense of order being restored, that everything is in its rightful place once more, that things are — at last — how they used to be.”

That. Nothing less. Maybe something more. We are sure there is probably something more now, but we exactly don’t know what it is.

Maybe tomorrow we will understand. If we could ever get sleep.

How to follow Parma vs. Udinese



In Italy, match is available for DAZN subscribers and is not available for free.

What it is available – as we already anticipate – is Radio Bruno radio commentary with Parma fan journalist Luca Bertelli. At the moment in which we write – we are in Tardini now – they confirmed at 90% streaming will be available.

Link should probably be this:

If not found, easier, there is also Radio Bruno App in Play Store and App Store for free where you can find the match transmission:

Click on “more” button -> scroll to “sport” -> select “Parma”, enjoy 🙂

Maybe you can’t sleep

Curva Nord greets team after Parma vs. Hellas Verona on 24th may 2015

Maybe you can’t sleep.

Maybe you are thinking about three years ago. Last home match crying and singing “Torneremo in serie A“, or “Un Capitano, c’è solo un Capitano“.

Maybe you are thinking that football and life – are they really so different? – are weird: we would have many chances to cry after that day. Fortunately for different reasons.

Maybe you are thinking that tomorrow we will back again there – for REAL – and that, with all we passed through last years, this will be the sweetest season ever, even if we save at the last day.

Maybe you are thinking that you think too much and that, no, it is early to cry. Wait. Wait at least 18 hours. 18 hours and we will cry all together.

#thisisparma #weareparma #thankyouCaptain

“Different stories, same passion”

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