Press review update: The New York Times


Almost one month ago The New York Times published a reportage about Parma Calcio renaissance. The New  York  Times. Someone said we were going to disappear and be forgotten.

We list the article in our “Nobody will ever talk about Parma anymore” section dedicated to fundamental articles and podcast about Parma Calcio.

Here is Rory Smith‘s reportage with Nadia Shira Cohen pictures, a recap of our recent history with focus on new era that just begun:

🗞️ The New York Times – Back From the Dead, Parma Embraces a Soccer Renaissance by Rory Smith @RorySmith (with Nadia Shira Cohen pictures), Aug 2018



Ultras kept their word

Credits to Parma Boys 1977 Facebook page

As we anticipated in this post: , Italian Ultras fans, all together,  gave materially huge help to town of Amatrice, hit by terrible earthquake two years ago.

Today there has been the official inauguration ceremony.

Here you can see pictures of the tribune and the thanks plaque given to Boys Parma 1977, that donated more than 3000 euros.

More than numbers and apart preconceptions, this pictures testify what Ultras did: look carefully at this pics, no mass media will show you. On the plaque it is written “To the Ultras world that answers and that united for solidarity donate a smile to a suffering community”

Thanks to Parma Boys 1977 Facebook page to allow us in publishing the pics.

Credits to Parma Boys 1977 Facebook page
Credits to Parma Boys 1977 Facebook page




Parma Club Poland

Lukasz with Alessandro Lucarelli in Tardini – credit:

We start knowing abroad fan by asking them to introduce themselves and their groups. The first to do it is Lucasz from Poland, well-known admin of, the most complete non-italian website about Parma Calcio. Lucasz is the president of Official Parma Fans Club Poland, member of Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs CCPC.


“Hi! My name is Lukasz Baron, I come from Poland, and live in small city – Rybnik, which is by the way very similar to Parma – the club who I really love. My passion to Parma start in 1997, I was 5 and spend holidays with family in Roma. One day in the city center in market placy I spot a beautyful yellow-blue-white scarf, I didn’t know what was is but I really wanted to have it so I forced my father to bought it for me.

So it start like that. Later I searched more information about Parma. In 1999 I saw my first football club match in tv, which were… Yes, you guess, Parma vs Olympique and I completly fall in love with this team. In next years I spread my konowledge about club and his history, and in 2006 with one friend from center of Poland – Mikolaj, I establish a polish website about Parma – and Parma polish fan club (Crociati dalla Polonia). My friend decided to withdraw in 2009 (study, family etc.) so from that moment website and fan club is completley my project. What about website, we publish regular news from Parma (usually 4-8 articles per day), we also got many section about, for example, club history, actual championship, tifosi and also some kind of graphics for fans. Everybody can find something interesting 😉

On the other hand we got a fan club, which unites Parma polish fans (now there are about 20 members). We organized a few meeting in Poland and we also organised a travels on Parma’s matches, so far we were at 15 games. In our hands there is two fan club flags ( with which we travel to Tardini. We also make gadgets like t-shirt, stickers, hoodie etc.

Since few weeks (of course thanks to big help of Parma Fans Worldwide) we are a part of Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs. I hope it will be a big step in future develop of Crociati Dalla Polonia.”

cdp flag3

“Different stories, same passion”

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