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Credit to: ParmaFansWorldwide – Greater China Facebook Page

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for the network”

It’s too big words, we know but we are really proud of what happened on Sunday.

In San Siro we had a meeting with fans from Official Parma Club Crociati Balkan, some different fans groups from UK and, as announced in a previous post, a live video call with our “Greater China” division that organized together with Hong Kong Milan Fans Club – that we thank you officially – an event together to share time and watch the match.

Some other little steps to create the abroad “Parma Family” fans network.

This is the link to join ParmaFansWorldwide – Greater China Facebook Page

Thanks to the Tencent journalist that dedicated some place to us. Here the complete Chinese article: https://view.inews.qq.com/a/SPO2018120300847904?fbclid=IwAR0WF39joMnxi1na_VDoB770UGDlVPGQ6S6nNdR6X_KXbiCiAVIFohQSX0Q

Credit: https://view.inews.qq.com/a/SPO2018120300847904?fbclid=IwAR0WF39joMnxi1na_VDoB770UGDlVPGQ6S6nNdR6X_KXbiCiAVIFohQSX0Q

Don’t forget #7

AC Milan VS Parma from third ring green – credit: www.parmafansworldwide.com

Don’t forget that three years ago in Serie D we had to watch many matches from the ground level, stuck to a grid.

San Siro third ring is far from the ground but we step again into Scala del Calcio, and watching a Scala theatre Opera even from the highest gallery is a great experience.

Especially after lost matches, never forget where we come from.

Before AC Milan VS Parma – credit: www.parmafansworldwide.com

In San Siro or in Hong Kong the reason is yellow and blue



We don’t know it it will be the first time ever but for us it will be surely a first preview. Our bigger step since now was international whatsapping while watching a match, so today we will definitely step up.

As usual since the beginning of the season there will be a mixed abroad fans gathering during Parma match. In San Siro there will be mainly Balkans – almost always present! – and UK fans joining other Parma supporters in Scala del Calcio third ring green.

On the other side of the world, in Hong Kong, recently born and very active Parma Calcio supporters group “Parma Fans Worldwide – Greater China” – a joint venture between HK and Macau Parma Fans – organized together with AC Milan Hong Kong fans club an event. They will meet and share time together, playing Fifa, eating, drinking and, of course watching the match.

What we will try to do, if 4G will work good, is a live video call from San Siro stadium during the break. Just to say “hi”, share few minutes together and realize that we are all there for the same reason: with different stories, yes, but with the same passion for yellow and blue. And especially contributing create a network of people that like to share time together even if far away.

Here are all the channels to join our network and find other Parma fans in your country and worldwide:

“Parma Fans Worldwide” channelswww.parmafansworldwide.com/parma-fans-worldwide

All other Parma supporters channels: https://parmafansworldwide.com/worldwide-network/


Lucarelli event complete video


The party for Alessandro Lucarelli biography release it has been a wonderful, familiar, fun event. On the stage and on the seats many people that crossed Parma Captain professional life: his brother Cristiano – that have been the right-hand and for announcer Alessandro Bonan, Sky Sport journalist – co-authors Nicolò Fabris, Mattia Fontana and Guglielmo Trupo, former team mates like Sebastian Giovinco, Daniele Galloppa, Igor Protti, coaches like D’Aversa and Apolloni.

It has been the chance to hear memorable stories on the private Alessandro and to have the further confirmation of his humanity. Did we really need confirmation for that?

Here you find the complete video. During the night is has been shown the preview of the teaser of Il mestiere del Capitano, the documentary on Lucarelli last three years career as a man and as a player. It has been a privilege for few but stay tuned because the fundraising campaign in support for the documentary project will start soon.

Documentary on Lucarelli Preview


“On June 22, 2015, after the failure of the Parma Football Club, the team automatically retires in Serie D. All players hurry to settle in other companies, except one. Alessandro Lucarelli, the Captain, remains in the newborn Parma Calcio 1913 and chooses to start again from the amateur championship, with the promise to bring back the historic Parma in Serie A. Today, only 3 years later and at the age of 41 he succeeded.”

This is the post that few months ago introduced a quite mysterious cinematographic project on Alessandro Lucarelli named Il mestiere del Capitano, “the art of the Captain”, by Davide Potente and producer Luciano Parravicini (Lux For Media).

We just got the news that tonight – during Lucarelli biography release event – we’ll finally discover some more about it. There will be a preview of the teaser, that will be officially launched in public next weeks, at the fundraising campaign start.

We can’t wait to discover more on a documentary that talk about Alessandro Lucarelli “as a man and as a captain, and of how both are inseparable, when to reach the goal is ‘one of us'”.

Stay tuned.
Here you find Il mestiere del Capitano social channels:

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/ilmestieredelcapitano

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ilmestieredelcapitano

Lux for Media channels:

Website: www.luxformedia.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lux_for_media

Facebook: www.facebook.com/LUXformedia

Memory, memories



For a day, let’s stop talking about the fairytale of a reborn Parma Calcio that need just to  survive in Serie A.

Just for today, as a joke, let’s dream a bit, because playing agains AC Milan in San Siro evokes great, historical memories. And dare to dream is not a mortal sin.

If you want to watch again some hisorical Parma match, have a look at Footballia. After a free subscription you can watch many historical football full matches from their huge database. There you can find also some not-to-miss Milan vs Parma like 1994 Uefa supercup final or 1999 italian supercup final.

This is the story behind that Asprilla goal the meme is about, thanks to Facebook page Parma – Reggiana #maistatastoria for remembering us.

“AC Milan vs Parma 0-1, 21st march 1993

It’s 58th minute of the match, kick off right out of the box for Parma: Asprilla never shot,  but this time ask to Osio permission to do it. He is his great friend but he answer no, because ‘otherwise Scala will get angry’.

Then Tino go to the bench asking Scala permission to shot, but the coach also reiterated the prohibition.

He goes back to Osio and when he ask him what Scala said Tino answers: ‘He told me to kick’

And he shot the perfect kick that trick Rossi and goes under the crossbar: “Unbeatable” invincibility ends here.

Simply, Faustino Asprilla.”


Here the video about the winning against the “Unbeatable”.


Lucarelli biography



Now is real, Alessandro Lucarelli biography is finally available (in italian)!


by Alessandro Lucarelli

with Nicolò Fabris, Mattia Fontana and Guglielmo Trupo

Ultra Edizioni, 176 pages, 11,90 euro

You can buy it here: https://www.ibs.it/ultima-bandiera-libro-alessandro-lucarelli/e/9788867765904 

or mail your local Parma club if you prefer.

All Lucarelli profits will be donate for charity.

On 30th November night, at 9 pm in Auditorium Paganini in Parma, there will be the official release event. The announcer of the event will be Sky Sport journalist Alessandro Bonan.

IMPORTANT: at the moment English or other languages edition is not announced. CONTACT US if you work for a publisher or have some contacts or suggestion linked with editorial world in your country. We want to do our best in order that the book is translated.

As Capitano use to repeat, HIS story is OUR story.

Let the rest of the world know who we are.



Who we are? Boys!

pic: Boys Parma Facebook page

We think that to live a complete experience as Parma fans, especially for who lives far from Parma, is important to understand who are the main characters of our (recent) story. This is why we created the WikiParma section of the website and this is why we invite you to read this communicate by Parma Ultras Group Boys 1977.

Listen to their voice now because usually you can hear it just in Curva Nord since they avoid public appearance and because mass media too often exploited them.

We hope to have kept the passion with our non-professional translation:

Born in 1977, we are a group of guys united by Ultras ideal, fans of Parma Calcio and of our town. A name, Boys, invented in 1977 by the dudes that created and passed it on from a generation to another, a name that became an ideal, survived to times and society changes, that had an “home”, a school, in via Calestani 10 since 1998, where we cultivated the values that created our mentality, that permitted Boys to live as Ultras for another 20 years, arriving in 2018, and being one of the oldest group to survive in our movement. This result have to be shared with all the guys that have been part of the Boys: if today we have 41 years is thanks to all those that passed their youth supporting Parma behind our banner. In Curva, in Parma, all of you know us, behind the banner there are faces, names, nicknames, boys, girls. For Boys, for the Group, for Curva Nord Matteo Bagnaresi, we put our faces, proud to do it, to bring on our ideal, our being Ultras, our living Boys.

Every decision is taken in our headquarter: by 5, 15, 40 people, the ones we are there, discuss and taken only grounding on our being Ultras and to give maximum support to Parma Calcio. We have no other interest. For this reason we never wanted to have relationship with people like Ghirardi or Leonardi, we never asked for nor accepted euros, tickets or seasonal tickets for free. We like to be without owner: with various ventures, and thanks to your essential contribution, we can keep the Group autonomy. This independency allow us to think and act only for ourselves depending on our ideals. We always paid for tickets and so for seasonal tickets; when we had “too much” money we donated and ambulance, almost 100 million liras; in bad periods, money, we put it out of our own pocket to let the Group survive. We would like to make group together, we invest profit in things like this, to bring 70 guys to Naples and let them spend 20 euros. We are not the ones that  make money off fans, the merchandise we sell is intentionally at low prices.

For us it never existed to be professional Ultras, nobody never earned or had an agenda a part for Ultras ideal or supporting Parma Calcio. We are Ultras, all normal guys, like you, you know that, we know each other very well, someone since always, someone more recently, we are all Parmigiani, we are Boys, us and you.

We are not interested in cliches, in what conformists say or what Report investigation revealed. We are interested in one single thing: being Boys, being Ultras in our way, support Parma, getting into Curva with our head held high, with clean conscience, look Curva Nord Matteo Bagnaresi, look into your dignified eyes and being proud or beign Boys Parma 1977.

Live Ultras Live Boys for live. ”

(original post on Boys Parma website)

Boys website: www.boysparma1977.it

Parmagiani Gathering and elections 2018/2021

pic credit: Abdul Rosyid AS (Parmagiani Indonesia)

As you should know, Parmagiani Indonesia National Gathering, took place last week-end.

Parmagiani Indonesia is a big fans community, few of them ever been to Italy but the passion they have for the team is huge and represents a reason for meet up, share experiences and have good time together. This picture is more iconic and representative than every words. If you follow their social channels and they personal accounts you will realize that, for some reason, they live in a better world.

We translated, thanks to Google Translate, the post they made at the end of the event.

“Parmagiani Indonesia National Gathering Yesterday went well … We, as the organizer committee express our gratitude to all participants who attended the event, especially those from the regions Lampung, Jogja, Surabaya, Bogor, Sukabumi, Brebes and Palembang. We also say thank you very much to the Donors who have been very helpful in this event. We ask sorry if there were any shortcomings regarding this event. See you at the Gathnas Jogja next year.
Thank you”

The National Gathering was also the change to make elections for the three years mandate (2018-2021) and this is the result from the poll:

Parmagiani Indonesia Management Structure Period 2018-2021

President: Yoga Pratomo
Vice-President: Rengga Aven Januadi
Board: Ahmad Ridwan, Deva Ikhwansyah, Slamet Saputra
General Treasurer: Doddy Adetya
Secretariat & Membership: Arie Arvianto
All Regional Chair: Iwan Saputra
Public Relations: Yohanes Efriyono, Abdul Rosyid, Ahmad Satria
Social Media Division: Rama Mulyadi, Paundra Karisma
Football Division: Enjang Nurcholis, Iis Nurrochman
Futsal & Mini Soccer Division: Merdiansyah Setiadi, Hendra Bagus Pratama

To contact them the email is tifosiparmagiani@gmail.com

Boys Parma statement not to miss

Lega Pro final in Florence – pic from Boys Parma Facebook page

Boys Parma 1977 made a public statement on Facebook we think it is important to be spread in order to understand more about Parma, Parma Calcio, fans and Ultras. We hope to have been quite accurate non-professional translator.

“An old Hellas Verona Brigate Gialloblu chant said ‘Players, presidents and coaches will change…’ and soon became a real motto and part of our actual mentality. It was 6th April 1994, replay match of a suspended derby, our last game in Mirabello stadium. 3 points donated from Parmalat to Reggiana to help them in not be relegated. Dishonoured derby,  colors sullied, a town hurt, a fan base wasted. We brought consequences of this grief for years, influencing the Group future and the relationship with Curva. Since 6th April 1994 we never made a chant for players. A guideline extended to all Parma fans, sign of a mature Curva Nord that understood that football arrived at a no-return point, where giocatori bandiera, iconic player for a team, would have been a beautiful memory and that we had to concentrate on one thing only: yellow and blue jersey. And in these years, the only light at the end of the tunnel was it: the jersey. Tough years, with highs and lows, with promotions and failures, with celebrations in the square and protests. Even if our passion have been molested by institutions, Lega Calcio, thieving presidents and  mercenary players, we are still here, blowing out our 41st candle on the birthday cake of Ultras history in Parma. And exactly when you think that the time won’t ever be back, when you resign yourself to modern football coming, then something comes out of the blue and you fall in love again with that game you  never stop loving. We are talking about Capitano, of course, but not just about him. Recently was reported our Parma Chinese presidency after a quick break left. Well, behind this move there has been the hand of previous management, composed by Marco Ferrari, Paolo Pizzarotti, Guido Barilla, Mauro Del Rio, Angelo Gandolfi, Giampaolo Dallara and Giacomo Malmesi, the ones that from Serie D took us to Serie A, the ones that kept the promises made before Lizhang coming. We would like to underline how the people we just mentioned made their choices in Parma town, in Parma Calcio and his fans interest; as they understood Lizhang was not apt to being part of the group they didn’t loose time: ‘We put Parma Calcio interest before everything. Seeing how was the situation, we thought it was our duty return majority owner. Prudence management and financial strictness will be the basis of our work. Saying this our priority will be let the Club grow and enhance. our mission was and is still the salvation on the pitch’. Shortly, we had the demonstration that a board made by parmesan people is the basis for the health of our team and our town, exactly as we asked for after Ghirardi shame. Stronger because of this, now we have to give them and the team all our support and our affection, leaving behind all sterile polemics after a single sport event, concentrating on salvation. Because we are interested just in this, salvation, expecially the economical one! Now full steam ahead and let them understand we are by their side, because with that ‘WE are Parma’ management took legitimately an honor place.”

“Different stories, same passion”

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