Parma Fans Worldwide is a non-profit community and an Official Parma Club, born to help Parma fans outside Italy with match tickets, travel infos, merchandise and, most of all, to allow you to be closer to Parma and Parma Calcio.
You are not alone, not even in your town. Write us to info@parmafansworldwide, join the community, get your membership card (optional) and you will discover it.
This website is specifically created for fans abroad.
Are you a supporter abroad or a stranger that lives in Italy? Come in and invite other Parma fans, you are welcome!
Are you an Italian Parma fan and you live in Italy? There are already a lot of website in Italian but… you are welcome anyway 😉

The page is created thanks to contribution of people from all over the world, the most would think, behave, believe differently than you, so respect them as you want to be respected. We are here because our football passion, keep politics and religion out of here, please.
We will block or cancel comments who impair the balance of the community.
It doesn’t matter if your English is good or bad, just join and contribute to create a great International Parma Fans network!
Share pictures, ask questions, tell your story.
If you have a project related with Parma Calcio tell us. We will help you to realize it.

Forza Parma!

“Different stories, same passion”

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